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Ten Steps to Create a DSLR Music Video

Whether your DSLR filmmaking project is a performance piece or something conceptual, the intention of its makers is to take viewers beyond the music: not too far, but just enough. Try to remember these [more…]

Ten Wedding DSLR Filmmaking Techniques

Using your DSLR to film a wedding usually resides on the opposite end of the creative spectrum from making your auteur film. Here are the top ten aspects you need to consider to keep it lively when capturing [more…]

Ten Tips for DSLR Documentary Filmmaking

A documentary is a non-fiction film account of a topic. To make your DSLR documentary of any length and subject matter into something that people will find interesting, consider these ten tips. [more…]

Filmmaking: DSLR vs. Video Cameras

By and large, clutching a video camcorder feels more comfortable than filming with a DSLR. Just slide your hand through its strap and your thumb naturally sits on the button. Viewing the scene is ergonomic [more…]

Select the Right DSLR Camera for Your Filmmaking Project

When considering what equipment will be best for your film, the DSLR camera should be top on your list. Models like the Canon Rebel T4i sit on the lowest rung of the price ladder, but don’t let its [more…]

Ideal Camera Measurements for Your DSLR Filmmaking Project

Unlike still photography, DSLR films adhere to a specific resolution, with full high-definition weighing in at 1920×1080 pixels. That measurement refers to the number of pixels that make up the image, [more…]

Filmmaking Functions on Your DSLR

While your DSLR is loaded with features, functions, bells, and whistles, only a few of them matter when it comes to making movies. Here’s a basic primer on DSLR functions that matter to moviemaking. [more…]

DSLR Camera Lenses for Filmmaking

In the filmmaking world, camera lenses for your DSLR are very important. So choose your lens wisely. Without a good lens, you have nothing but a really cool, albeit expensive, paperweight. [more…]

DSLR Tripods for Filmmaking

The DSLR tripod is your moviemaking three-legged friend for many reasons, the most prominent being that it allows you to keep the camera steady. Camera steadiness is often the difference between a crisply [more…]

DSLR Filmmaking Devices That Hold a Camera Steady

You can hold the DSLR camera while shooting a film. Not in that “grasp camera near your face as if you were taking a snapshot” technique, but rather with accessories that provide help in keeping the camera [more…]

DSLR Filmmaking Support Devices

Although feature films can use smaller techniques to move the DSLR camera through a scene, support devices are sometimes used. A great many shots are done using more sophisticated apparatus like a camera [more…]

Microphone Options for DSLR Filmmaking

DSLR microphones come in so many types and price ranges that sometimes it’s difficult to determine the right one for your filmmaking needs and budget. Because most DSLRs have a mini-plug connector for [more…]

How to Connect Your DSLR Audio Device for Filmmaking

Professional filmmaking and video production depend on optimum audio quality. That’s why high-end video cameras and audio equipment use high-quality XLR cables. Conversely, your DSLR has a 3.5 mm mini-plug [more…]

DSLR Filmmaking Fundamentals

The extra time you take with your DSLR during each part of the filmmaking process is often the key ingredient to a successful film. That means taking a few extra moments to make sure the shot is technically [more…]

Things to Consider before You Shoot Your DSLR Film

As a filmmaker, you are looking forward to the creative aspects that go into using your DSLR to actually shoot your film. However, you will make the best use of your time if you consider these things in [more…]

DSLR Filmmaking: How to Control Aperture for Effect

Your aperture setting only allows a select amount of light into the DSLR lens. This is useful when filming. Think of it as a doorman at an exclusive nightclub. When you dictate aperture selection, you [more…]

Find the Best Angle for Your DSLR Film

The camera angle speaks volumes about the message your DSLR film is trying to convey. When you add these effective variations, it provides a nice supplement to the wide, normal, and telephoto shots of [more…]

Camera Filters for Your DSLR Film

Camera filters that made your pictures look surreal were popular toward the end of the conventional photography era. Consider using them for your DSLR film. They added everything from color casts and increased [more…]

How to Shoot Your Own Chroma Key in Your DSLR Film

When you use your DSLR to experiment with chroma key, expect it to be just that, an experiment in film. Even under professional conditions, it often requires some tweaking to get it right. The following [more…]

How to Make a Time-Lapse Movie with Your DSLR

Sometimes the world moves too fast, and sometimes you can make it move even faster in your DSLR film. Time-lapse photography allows you to control the universe within your movie by capturing a situation [more…]

How to Calculate Frame Time for Your DSLR Time-Lapse Movie

Your DSLR gives you some options for calculating time between frames. Either you can randomly select the duration between each frame, or you can determine it ahead of time, no pun intended, using a formula [more…]

Different Types of Light for Your DSLR Video

You can set your DSLR on automatic and let it adjust to different lighting circumstances, but there’s no guarantee that successive scenes in your film are going to match. That means you're better off adjusting [more…]

How to Deal with Artificial Illumination in Your DSLR Video

It is extremely difficult to shoot a DSLR movie after the sun goes down. That’s because artificial illumination plays by its own set of rules, which wouldn’t be so bad, except there’s so many different [more…]

How to Use High-Intensity Discharge Lamps for Your DSLR Film

Artificial high intensity lighting for your DSLR video requires power to function, and when used for massive spaces, the need to make it both cost- and energy-efficient becomes important. That’s why high-intensity [more…]

How to Use On-Camera DSLR Video Lights

Despite the above-average performance of a DSLR when it comes to low-light situations in filmmaking, sometimes you need to add a little more light on the subject, and neither the sun or a light kit is [more…]

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