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How to Use Smart Trim for Your DSLR Film

There are many reasons for using Smart Trim to isolate a digital film clip, including finding an exact moment. You can let Premiere Elements do the job for you, with the Smart Trim feature. Because problematic [more…]

How to Assemble Your Digital Film Edit

You can edit your DSLR movie in whatever order you deem acceptable, but it’s a good idea to build the movie in sequential order. You can always add stuff in specific places later, if necessary. The simplest [more…]

How to Edit Digital Film Audio

Making sure the audio is just right is a necessary part of the DSLR moviemaking process. Unfortunately, sometimes audio capture is inconsistent with each clip. Sometimes the audio levels are slightly higher [more…]

How to Add a Static Title to Your Digital Film

Premiere Elements provides a wide selection of title choices for your DSLR movie, from lower thirds to locator information. Locator information is like those IDs used in news segments and documentaries [more…]

How to Create a Rolling Title for Your Digital Film

Most of the time, a static title works for your DSLR movie needs. But occasionally, you’ll want to make your titles move. Rolling titles move characters vertically up the screen and are commonly used for [more…]

How to Use Time Remapping for Your DSLR Film

Time Remapping, a new video editing feature, gives you more control over the time-space continuum (well, the one in your DSLR, anyway), allowing you to alter time in different ways throughout the same [more…]

How to Create a Still Frame from a Digital Film Clip

Sometimes you may want to make a still image from a DSLR video frame. This can add a little extra to a shot that might be missing something. Here are some reasons to create a still frame from your video [more…]

How to Export Your Digital Film

After you’ve put your DSLR film together, you still can't play it outside the program until you export it as a self-playing movie. After that, you can play it back on your computer, somebody else’s computer [more…]

How to Convert Your DSLR Film to an MP4

If you decide to export an uncompressed digital video file, it’s likely you'll need to send smaller files from time to time. Dedicated conversion programs convert video files in one format to make them [more…]

Intellectual Property Rules for Digital Film

Being able to easily share your DSLR film over the Internet also means that someone can use it without your permission. Intellectual property rules are in place to protect you and your creation. There’s [more…]

How to Share Your Digital Film on YouTube

When it comes to sharing your DSLR video, YouTube is the de facto standard. The video-sharing website lets users upload, view and share videos. It uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display [more…]

How to Share Your Digital Film on Vimeo

The popular video-hosting site Vimeo acts as an alternative to sharing your DSLR films on YouTube. With a name that’s cleverly derived as an anagram for [more…]

How to Manage Your Digital Film Content

Managing your DSLR content can become somewhat overwhelming. The more often you stop and start the camera, the more files it creates. And the more of that movie footage you transfer to your computer, the [more…]

How to Prepare Your Actors Before You Shoot Your Digital Film

When it comes to DSLR filmmaking, the living, breathing actor is a valued commodity. Your actors take each breath of the movie, so the key to success lies in their performances. And although their faces [more…]

How to Write the Screenplay for Your Digital Film

An architect works from a blueprint, and a filmmaker relies on a screenplay. DSLR filmmakers have a tough job and it’s rarely as glamorous as it seems. Success relies on following a universal format, so [more…]

Post-Production Experts for Your Digital Film

DSLR filmmaking doesn’t end with the off button. There are several post production needs. It’s a lot like an episode of Law and Order. The first half deals with capture, either the movie or the suspect [more…]

How to Plan Ahead for Your DSLR Film Edits

By taking a few simple measures, you can plan your editing ahead of your digital film shoot, so you don’t find yourself in a tough spot later. Shot lists are essential for making sure that you get everything [more…]

Hold a Private Screening for Your Digital Film

Today, it’s easier than ever to hold a private screening for your DSLR film. Sophisticated big-screen televisions with HD are everywhere, along with multiple speaker surround-sound stereo and some really [more…]

Combined Lighting for Digital Films

When you no longer are bound to a single light source, you can use a few to create the proper lightscape for your DSLR film, but there’s a vast difference between creating a symphony of illumination and [more…]

How to Use Reflectors for Digital Films

There are so many ways to use light to create that perfect scene in your DSLR film. Consider using a reflector to help you enhance the effect of creative lighting. [more…]

Know the Filmmaking Capabilities of Your DSLR

Although the capture of HD film remains consistent with DSLRs, each manufacturer varies with sensor type and camera features. Accessories, lens mounts, and functionality differ, as does movie file compression [more…]

How to Use Natural Light in Your DSLR Film

Nobody argues that natural light is the best source of light for your DSLR film because sunlight is bright, diverse, and complimentary. Not only does it flatter the subject with illumination, but it’s [more…]

How to Use Incandescent Light in Your Digital Film

Sunlight is the ultimate form of light for DSLR filmmaking. It's also the ultimate incandescent light source, or source that produces light by heat. Although its actual color temperature varies widely [more…]

How to Put Your DSLR Film Together in Premiere Elements

DSLR filmmaking goes beyond setting up your editing suite; it also pertains to putting your movie together. The more you know where your assets are located and named, the easier it becomes to efficiently [more…]

Ten Ways to Improve Your DSLR Filmmaking Skills

In order to make the next DSLR movie better, you have to continually find way to improve your filmmaking skills. Here are the top ten things you should consider to make the best possible movie. [more…]


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