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The Flip Video Social Networking Register

Can't get enough of your Flip Video? Then get more Flip love by visiting the Flip Community. The Flip Community Web page acts as a virtual portal to jettison you to the latest virtual Flip Video happenings [more…]

Pushing Your Flip Video Camera's Buttons

Your Flip camcorder has some basic buttons to get to know.+ Here's a roadmap to the buttons common to all recent and new Flip camcorders, and what those buttons do when you push them this way or that way [more…]

FlipShare Keyboard Shortcuts

After you shoot video with your Flip camcorder, you'll probably want to edit those videos, which you can do quite easily in the FlipShare software that comes with your Flip camcorder. You can use your [more…]

Flip Video For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your Flip Video camcorder could be the easiest-to-use camcorder in the world. With the Flip Video, you point, shoot, and then copy your videos to your computer. A few clicks later, you're showing off your [more…]

How to Delete Videos from Your Flip Video Camera

If you record a particular video with your Flip camera that you don’t want to save, you can delete the video to erase the video file from your Flip’s memory. You can also delete all saved videos from your [more…]

How to Eject Your Flip Video Camera from Your Computer

When you’re ready to unplug your Flip Video camera from your computer, you should take the correct steps to ensure it’s ejected safely. Your computer thinks of your Flip camera as a disk drive, so you [more…]

How to Use FlipShare to View Your Flip Video Files

Your Flip Video camera comes with preloaded video and photo managing software called FlipShare. FlipShare can be used on both Mac and PC platforms, and if it’s the program you’ve chosen to copy recorded [more…]

Flip Video Camera Key Features

Each Flip Video camera is built with particular features and specifications, such as a flip-out USB connector and easy-to-use control buttons. Some Flip models have many of these features in common, and [more…]

Why Isn't My Flip Video Battery Charging?

In the course of your digital movie-making, your Flip video camera might show symptoms associated with power and battery problems. The most common battery-related issue is a lack of charge in your Flip [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Flip Video Battery Problems

Learning how to turn your Flip Video camera on and off isn’t quite enough if you run into problems with your battery and its charge. Once you can manage the charging, recharging, and power-related behavior [more…]

How to Use Your Flip Video Camera's Buttons

Using your Flip camera to capture, view, and delete videos is pretty straightforward, thanks to easy-to-understand buttons. Besides the primary things the Flip buttons do, most of the buttons provide a [more…]

How to Watch Videos on Your Flip Video Camera

Watching videos you record (or copy to your Flip from your computer) is as simple as pressing your Flip Video camera's Play/Pause button. While you’re watching a video, you do things like adjust the volume [more…]

How to Watch Flip Videos on Your TV

If your Flip camera comes with a video cable, you can use that cable to connect your camera to your TV. If your Flip doesn’t come with a video cable, you might already own the right video cable, or you [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Flip Video Online Sharing Issues

If you’ve got videos in your Flip library, you probably want friends and family members to see them. One way to share your videos is to upload them to various social networking sites. Sharing videos online [more…]

How to View Your Flip Video Files via Windows Live Gallery

When it comes to transferring files from your Flip camera to your computer, you have several options. What you use will depend on what type of operating system you use [more…]

How to View Your Flip Video Files with iPhoto

If you have a Mac, you might choose to use iPhoto to view and manage the files from your Flip Video camera. If you defined iPhoto as the default program to run when you connect your Flip to your Mac, follow [more…]

How to Trim Video Clips with Your Flip Video

When shooting movies with your Flip Video camera and editing them with FlipShare, you might need to cut a few frames from a clip. Sometimes a video clip contains a little too much extra footage that you [more…]

How to Send Video and Picture E-Mails with Flip Video

After taking photos and videos of events in your life with your Flip Video camera, you might want to e-mail them to friends and family members. Sharing movies and pictures you capture and create by sending [more…]

How to Burn Flip Videos and Pictures to DVDs with FlipShare

If you created a movie or slideshow using FlipShare’s Magic Movie or Full Length feature, you can use FlipShare’s Create DVD command to save your movie or slideshow as a file that’s ready to burn. Burning [more…]

How to Burn Flip Videos and Pictures with Magic iDVD

Burning a copy of your movie or photo slideshows to a DVD disc enables you to create a disc you can give or send to another person, who can then enjoy your movie on their computer TV. The iDVD program [more…]

How to Burn Flip Videos and Pictures to DVDs with Windows DVD Maker

Burning a copy of your movie or photo slideshows to a DVD disc enables you to create a disc you can give or send to another person, who can then enjoy your movie on their computer TV. Windows DVD Maker [more…]

How to Activate Your Flip Video Flip Channel Online Account

One perk associated with Flip Video’s FlipShare software is the opportunity to share and store your videos online with Flip Channels. You can use your Flip Channel to give your friends and family members [more…]

How to Create and Share Flip Video Flip Channel Folders

When working with your online Flip Channel folders, you might decide to create new folders to share specific content with specific groups of friends and family members. Items that you copy to your My Channel [more…]

How to Create and Send Flip Video Greeting Cards

After creating videos and photos with your Flip camera, you can invite others to view your movies and pictures by sending your electronic invitation as a colorful greeting card custom tailored for a particular [more…]

How to Record Video with a Flip Video Camera

Recording video with your Flip camera is as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4). Before you record video, check your Flip’s status display indicators to ensure that your camera is fully charged and that it has enough [more…]


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