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Remove Dust from HDR Images with Cloning

Cloning is one of the most important techniques you should master if you want total control over your high dynamic range (HDR) images. Dust, while not always a problem, is certainly an irritant with dSLRs [more…]

Remove Distractions from HDR Images with Cloning

Tone mapped high dynamic range (HDR) images don’t always come out of your favorite HDR application looking perfect. Sometimes distracting objects can take attention away from the subject or make the scene [more…]

Cross-Process a Black-and-White HDR Image in Photoshop

When colorizing (often called tinting or toning) a black-and-white high dynamic range (HDR) image, you may choose to cross-process the image. Cross-processing [more…]

Convert Tone Mapped HDR to Black and White

There are a number of methods to convert a color, tone mapped high dynamic range (HDR) image to black and white after the HDR process. Use your favorite image editor [more…]

Convert HDR to Black and White in Photoshop

Photoshop has a very powerful tool to convert color high dynamic range (HDR) images to black and white. It gives you a significant degree of control over how the final image looks. You can turn blue skies [more…]

Black-and-White HDR: Colorize with the Photoshop Duotone Tool

Colorizing (often called tinting or toning) black-and-white high dynamic range (HDR) images overlays one, two, or more colors over the black-and-white image, resulting in an aged or other creative effect [more…]

Photoshop CS6 Filter Gallery Colors

Many of Photoshop CS6's creative filters use foreground color, background color, or both, and you should select these colors before you get into the Filter gallery. Use this list for important Photoshop [more…]

Troubleshooting in Photoshop CS6

When you run into a problem with Photoshop CS6 — like the program won't do what you want it to or Photoshop simply won't do anything — try these quick fixes to troubleshoot: [more…]

Selection Tricks in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 makes it easy to work on a part, or selection, of an image instead of the whole photo. You'll find a large group of selection commands and tools in Photoshop CS6. Here are a few tricks to [more…]

Photoshop CS6 Layer-Merging Tricks

Here are some tricks for working with layers in Photoshop CS6 if the Layers palette gets too crowded and you want to: apply the same filter to multiple layers; streamline your Layers palette; or work with [more…]

Making and Adjusting Selections in Photoshop CS6

Mastering selections is a key skill to becoming a Photoshop CS6 master. Here are a few basic Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to get you started on digital photography projects of all sorts: [more…]

Accessing the Photoshop CS6 Tools Palette through Shortcuts

Photoshop CS6 sports a hefty number of tools. Not to fear. This handy guide shows you the Photoshop tool icon and the name of each tool, even if it is tucked away, hidden in a flyout menu: [more…]

The Basic Photoshop CS6 Commands

Getting familiar with the Photoshop CS6 application window is a great way to get your bearings before diving into Photoshop tools and commands. Here are a few basic pointers: [more…]

Photoshop CS6 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop CS6 retains all it had in previous versions —, and provides new features to help you with your tasks, such as a darker, more immersive, User Interface, true vector Shape layers, the Oil Paint [more…]

Photoshop CC For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To get around in Photoshop CC, you should know more than the basics, you'll also want to know how to troubleshoot Photoshop problems and use selection and layer-merging tricks, and you can get acquainted [more…]

Tips for Working with Photoshop CC's Clone Stamp Tool

Sometimes in Photoshop CC you need to copy/paste over something that needs to be removed from a photo. The Clone Stamp tool is usually faster and easier than working with selection. One of the keys to [more…]

Walk through Cleaning Up a Photo in Photoshop CC

When cleaning up photos in Photoshop CC, large challenges sometime require drastic measures, such as duplicate layers and layer masks. Take a look at the following figure. At the top left, you see the [more…]

Photoshop CC’s Blending Modes

Blending modes in Photoshop CC determine how the pixels on one layer interact with pixels on lower layers and how painting tools interact with pixels already present on the active layer and layers below [more…]

How to Work with Bridge CC and the Adobe Output Manager

Photoshop CC does not automatically install Bridge CC, the asset management program of the Creative Cloud programs. Not only do you need to download/install Bridge CC separately, it doesn’t include the [more…]

How to Create a PDF Presentation with the Adobe Output Manager

You can create PDFs, both multi-page and presentations, as well as web galleries, through Bridge's Output panel. Portable Document Format (PDF), the native file format of Adobe Acrobat, has become an incredibly [more…]

Collect Thumbnails in a Contact Sheet with the Adobe Output Manager

Contact sheets serve the same purpose as thumbnails or previews in Bridge or the Open dialog box or thumbnail images on a web page — they show which image is which. Hard copy contact sheets are useful [more…]

Save Paper with Picture Packages with the Adobe Output Manager

Using Bridge's PDF-generation feature with the Adobe Output Manager and Photoshop CC is a great way to put multiple copies of an image on the same page for printing. Suppose that you need to print a dozen [more…]

How to Create Web Galleries in Photoshop CC

In Bridge's Output panel in Photoshop CC, you can generate galleries of your photos. Create quick, yet elegant, stand-alone websites of your photos for posting on the Internet. [more…]

Top Five Artistic Photoshop CC Tips and Tricks

Following are five favorite creative and artistic techniques for Photoshop CC. Some of these tricks were developed are tried-and-true helpers that have been around for years. [more…]

Top Five Photoshop CC Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

Following are five Photoshop CC techniques that should make your life easier and your work look snappier and more professional. These techniques were developed while helping others solve common problems [more…]

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