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The Photoshop Elements 11 Modify Commands

The Select→Modify menu in Photoshop Elements 11 contains a group of modification commands that are lumped together categorically. You probably don’t use these options every day, but sometimes they can [more…]

How to Save and Load Selections in Photoshop Elements 11

If you’ve invested valuable time perfecting a complex selection in Photoshop Elements 11, you'll want to save it for future use. It’s extremely easy to do and will prevent you from having to start from [more…]

How to Move and Clone Selections in Photoshop Elements 11

When you have your selection in Photoshop Elements 11 modified to perfection, you may then want to move it or clone it. To move a selection, simply grab the Move tool [more…]

How to Transform Pixels in Photoshop Elements 11 Selections

You may find that you need to resize or reorient selections you've made in Photoshop Elements 11. Transforming involves scaling, rotating, skewing, distorting, flipping, or adjusting the perspective of [more…]

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