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Feather and Refine the Edges of Selections in Photoshop Elements 10

You can use the Select menu commands to further modify selections by feathering and refining the edges of your selections, along with a host of other options including expanding, contracting, smoothing [more…]

Modify Commands in Photoshop Elements 10

You can use the Select menu commands to further modify selections by expanding, contracting, smoothing, softening, growing, and grabbing similarly colored pixels. Although the commands on the Modify submenu [more…]

Apply Grow and Similar Commands to Selections and Save Your Work

The Grow and Similar commands in Photoshop Elements 10 are often used in tandem with the Magic Wand tool. If you made an initial selection with the Magic Wand but didn’t quite get everything you want, [more…]

Photoshop Elements 10 Selections

When you define a selection, you specify which part of an image you want to work with. Everything within a selection is considered selected. Everything outside the selection is unselected. After you have [more…]

Rectangular and Elliptical Selections in Photoshop Elements 10

If you can drag a mouse, you can master the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tools. These are the easiest selection tools to use, so if your desired element is rectangular or elliptical, by all means [more…]

Create Perfect Square and Circle Selections in Photoshop Elements 10

Sometimes, you need to create a perfectly square or circular selection. Finding out how to make accurate selections is one of those skills that’s well worth the time you invest. [more…]

Apply Marquee Selections in Photoshop Elements 10

The Marquee tools offer additional options when you need to make precise selections at specific measurements. You also find options for making your selections soft around the edges. [more…]

Adjust Tolerance Settings with the Magic Wand Tool

You can use the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Magic Wand tool to adjust Tolerance settings. The Tolerance setting determines the range of color that the Magic Wand tool selects. Just follow these steps: [more…]

Create Path Type with the Text On Selection Tool

You can create path type in Photoshop Elements 10 by first creating a selection of your image, similarly to how you create a selection with the Quick Selection tool. [more…]

Masking with Type in Photoshop Elements 10

Using the Type Mask tool in Photoshop Elements 10 epitomizes the combination of type and image. Unlike its conventional cousin, the Type Mask tool doesn’t create a new layer. Instead, it creates a selection [more…]

The Photoshop Elements 11 Recompose Tool

The Recompose tool in Photoshop Elements 11 is a combination crop-and-transform tool. You can move elements closer together or even change the orientation of a landscape shot from horizontal to vertical [more…]

Select a Rectangular or an Elliptical Area in Photoshop Elements

The Marquee tools are the easiest Photoshop Elements 11 selection tools to use. Basically, if you can use a mouse or a trackpad without much difficulty, you can become a marqueeing expert. [more…]

The Marquee Options in Photoshop Elements 11

The Tool Options provides oodles of other options when you’re making Marquee selections. Some of these options allow you to make precise selections by specifying exact measurements. Others enable you to [more…]

How to Make a Selection with the Lasso Tool in Photoshop Elements

Making a selection with the Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements 11 is basically like tracing an outline around an element on a sheet of paper. To make a selection by using the Lasso tool, follow these steps [more…]

Select Straight Sides with the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Elements

The Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements 11 is at its best when selecting straight-sided subjects, such as city skylines, buildings, and stairways. Unlike the Lasso tool, the Polygonal Lasso tool [more…]

How to Hug Edges with Photoshop Elements Magnetic Lasso Tool

The Magnetic Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements 11 works by analyzing the colors of the pixels between the elements in the foreground and the elements in the background. Then it snaps to, or hugs, the edge [more…]

Make Selections with the Photoshop Elements Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool in Photoshop Elements 11 works best when you have high-contrast images or images with a limited number of colors. For example, the optimum image for the Wand is a solid-colored object [more…]

How to Paint with the Photoshop Elements Selection Brush

If the action of painting on a canvas is up your alley, try out the Selection Brush in Photoshop Elements 11. Using two different modes, you can either paint over areas of an image that you want to select [more…]

The Photoshop Elements 11 Quick Selection Tool

No one ever has enough time, so any tool that can shave a few minutes off a selection task is welcome. The Quick Selection tool in Photoshop Elements 11 can do just that. Think of it as a combo Brush/Magic [more…]

How to Remove Elements from Images in Photoshop Elements 11

Sometimes, you want to remove a distracting element from a picture in Photoshop Elements 11 to provide a stronger focal point. Or maybe you just don’t want the element in the image. But remember that if [more…]

How to Add to a Selection in Photoshop Elements 11

If your selection in an image in Photoshop Elements 11 doesn’t contain all the elements you want to capture, you need to add those portions to your current selection. [more…]

How to Subtract from Selections in Photoshop Elements 11

You can subtract from an image selection in Photoshop Elements 11. Although the selection tools, such as the Lasso, Quick Selection, and Magic Wand, usually do a fair job of capturing most of a selection [more…]

How to Avoid Keyboard Collisions in Photoshop Elements 11

Photoshop Elements 11 has a little conflict in its methods. With so many ways of doing things, sometimes you may have to fiddle with Elements to get it to do what you want. For example, when you press [more…]

The Photoshop Elements 11 Select Menu

Although you can add, subtract, and intersect selections in Photoshop Elements 11 by using the Shift and Alt keys (Option key on the Mac) and the selection option buttons in the Tool Options, you can do [more…]

Feather before Making a Selection in Photoshop Elements 11

You can feather (soften or blur the edges of) a selection in Photoshop Elements 11 by setting the Feather radius before you create your selection. A problem may arise with feathering before you make your [more…]

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