Organizing Photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Change the Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer Display

When you open the Organizer, the default view is a Thumbnail view. Your photos, videos, projects, audio files, and so on are shown with a mini image or icon that you can adjust to different sizes. On the [more…]

View Photos in a Slide Show in Photoshop Elements 10

To take an alternative view of your Organizer files, you can see your pictures in a self-running slide show (in Full Screen view), complete with transition effects and background music. Full Screen view [more…]

View Photos in a Self-Running Slide Show in Photoshop Elements 10

Manually clicking arrows to view slides is more work than you need to do. With just a few adjustments, Photoshop Elements 10 can autoplay a slide show complete with background music. [more…]

Panels and Toolbar in Photoshop Elements 10 Full Screen View

Full Screen view provides you with several editing tools. When you open selected photos from the Organizer in Full Screen view, you find two panels on the left side of the screen. The Quick Edit panel [more…]

Rate Images in Photoshop Elements 10

You can rate photos in the Organizer by tagging images with one to five stars. You might have some photos that are exceptional, which you want to give five-star ratings, whereas poor photos with lighting [more…]

Sort Your Photos in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

With all the Photoshop Elements modes and workspaces, you need a consistent starting place to handle all your editing tasks. Think of the Organizer as Grand Central Station, from which you can take the [more…]

Search Options in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

The Organizer’s Find menu is devoted entirely to searching photos. From the Find menu, you can locate photos in collections, catalogs, and the Organizer window according to a variety of different search [more…]

Search by Date in Photoshop Elements 10

When you have a number of different files in an Organizer window from photos shot on different dates, you can narrow your search to find photos, and all other types of files supported by Elements, through [more…]

Search Captions and Notes in Photoshop Elements 10

When captions or notes are added to files, you can search for the caption name, contents of a note, or both by selecting the Find→By Caption or Note command the selecting the appropriate options. [more…]

Search Photos by Faces in Photoshop Elements 10

Searching for people (and recognizing faces) actually produces a two-fold result. You can use the menu command found at Find→People for Tagging that first results in the Organizer displaying head shots [more…]

Use Stacks and Hide Files in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

With a simple menu command, you can mark selected files in the Organizer as hidden. Select files you want to hide, and from either the Edit menu or a contextual menu, choose Visibility→Mark as Hidden. [more…]

Create Versions in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

Versions are similar to stacks, but you create versions from only one file. You can edit an image and save both the edited version and the original as a version set. Also, you can make additional edits [more…]

Create and View Keyword Tags in Photoshop Elements 10

Elements provides you with a great opportunity for organizing files, in the form of keyword tags. After you acquire your images in the Organizer, you can sort them out and add keyword tags according to [more…]

Work with Keyword Tags in Photoshop Elements 10

By default, new keyword tags appear with no image icon represented in the Keyword Tag item listed in the Keyword Tags panel. When you first create a keyword tag, a button appears labeled Edit Icon. If [more…]

Create an Album in Photoshop Elements 10

Creating keyword tags and assigning tags to photos helps you organize a collection of photos, and subcategories help you break down a collection into additional categories. With albums and star ratings [more…]

Create a Smart Album in Photoshop Elements 10

You can perform a search based on a number of different criteria. The Smart Album feature enables you to save the search results in an album. After you have all the files shown in the Organizer based on [more…]

Create an Album Category in Photoshop Elements 10

The Albums panel contains all the albums and smart albums you create in an organized list. By default, the albums are listed in alphabetical order. If you add many albums to the panel, the list can be [more…]

Ten Ways to Search in Photoshop Elements 11

The Photoshop Elements Organizer’s Find menu is devoted entirely to searching for photos. From the Find menu, you can locate photos in albums, catalogs, and the Media Browser according to a variety of [more…]

Create Slide Shows for iOS Devices in Photoshop Elements 11

Unfortunately, several creation and sharing options in Photoshop Elements 11 are limited to Windows users only. Creating slide shows in Elements is handled a bit differently between Windows and the Macintosh [more…]

How to Organize Your Photos in Photoshop Elements 11

You can add volumes of photos to Photoshop Elements 11 from not only scanned images and CD/DVDs, but also digital cameras, cell phones, and tablets. In the early days of Adobe Photoshop, circa early ’90s [more…]

Get Images from Cameras and Card Readers into Photoshop Elements 11

Almost all cameras use memory cards to store photos. You can copy those images directly from the camera to your computer (and Photoshop Elements 11) via a USB or FireWire cable, or you can remove the memory [more…]

How to Use Scanner Plug-Ins with Photoshop Elements 11

Plug-ins are designed to work inside other software programs, such as Photoshop Elements 11. Generally, when you install your scanner software, a stand-alone application and a plug-in are installed to [more…]

How to Get Files from Folders into Photoshop Elements 11

To work with files in Photoshop Elements 11, you need to get them from folders on your computer’s hard drive. You might have a folder from a media device or a folder with copied cell phone images. [more…]

Open an Image in the Photoshop Elements Photo Editor

You may have a single photo you want to edit without adding it to the Photoshop Elements Organizer. Perhaps you just want to apply some edits to an image you have on a media source or on your hard drive [more…]

How to Place Files in Photoshop Elements 11

You may have a piece of artwork you want to add to a photo. The artwork can be of any file type you find for the supported formats that you can open in Elements. Quite often, you may find a vector art [more…]

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