Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Get Started with Creations in Photoshop Elements

Creations such as photo books, greeting cards, photo calendars, and photo collages that you assemble from Photoshop Elements' Create panel (refer to the figure) are intended for output to either print [more…]

Understand Pixels and Resolution in Photoshop Elements 12

Files you open in Photoshop Elements are composed of millions of tiny, square pixels. Each pixel has one, and only one, color value. The arrangement of the pixels of different shades and colors creates [more…]

How to Back up Your Catalog with Photoshop Elements 12

You can save yourself any aggravation right now, before you spend any more time editing your photos in Photoshop Elements. Computer users often learn the hard way about the importance of backing up a hard [more…]

View Photos in a Slide Show in Photoshop Elements 12

Are you ready for some exciting viewing in Photoshop Elements? To take an alternative view of your Organizer files, you can see your pictures in a self-running slide show [more…]

The Edit and Organize Tools in Photoshop Elements 12

Full Screen and Slideshow views in Photoshop Elements 12 provide you with several editing tools. When you open selected photos from the Organizer in Full Screen or Slideshow view, you find two panels on [more…]

The Slideshow Toolbar in Photoshop Elements 12

Viewing files in Slideshow view in Photoshop Elements can be helpful for quickly previewing the files you want to edit for all kinds of output, as well as for previewing photos that you might use for an [more…]

The Photo Bin in Photoshop Elements 12

You might have several images you want to edit in Photoshop Elements. You might have some image data you want to copy from one image and paste into another image, or maybe you want to enhance a series [more…]

5 Selection Tools in Photoshop Elements 12

In Photoshop Elements, you use selection tools to create selections of pixels in a photo. Unlike the objects you find in programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, graphics you import in Microsoft Word, or [more…]

Photoshop Element 12’s Image Window at a Glance

The first thing you need to know about examining an image in Photoshop Elements is how to open it in the Image window. The Image window in the Photo Editor is where your photos open, ready for editing. [more…]

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom In Photoshop Elements 12

In Photoshop Elements, precision goes a long way toward making good edits on photos. When you’re working carefully on image detail, zoom in on any part of a picture where you want to [more…]

The Zoom Tool in Photoshop Elements 12

You can use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of the Image window in Photoshop Elements. You first click to select the Zoom tool in the Tools panel and then click the photo to zoom in. [more…]

The Navigator Panel in Photoshop Elements 12

The Navigator panel in Photoshop Elements is a handy tool to keep open when you need to zoom in and out of a photo while editing images. It allows you to zoom on a particular part of a photo while viewing [more…]

Set General Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12

The first pane you see when you open the Preferences dialog box in Photoshop Elements is General preferences. (Refer to the figure.) In the General preferences pane on the right, you see drop-down lists [more…]

Set Saving Files Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements gives you several options for saving your image files. The Saving Files preferences, shown in the figure, relate to options available for saving files. The available settings are [more…]

Set Performance Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements 12 gives you many options for controlling performance, including memory usage, history and cache, and scratch disks. Check out the Performance preferences pane, shown in this figure, [more…]

Set Display & Cursors Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12

The Display & Cursors preferences in Photoshop Elements offer options for how certain tool cursors are displayed and how to view the Crop tool when you’re cropping images [more…]

Set Transparency Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12

Using the Transparency settings in Photoshop Elements requires an understanding of how Elements represents transparency. Imagine painting a portrait on a piece of clear acetate. The area you paint is opaque [more…]

Set Up the Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer Environment

To access your preferences for the Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer, choose Edit→Preferences or press Ctrl+K (Adobe Elements 12 Organizer→Preferences or Cmd+K on the Mac). [more…]

Set Files Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer

The Files preferences, in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer, shown in this figure, offer options for managing file data, connecting to missing files, handling preview sizes, and choosing file and folder [more…]

Set Camera or Card Reader Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer

The Camera or Card Reader preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer, shown in the figure, determine how you acquire images from digital cameras and media storage cards. Your computer may have a built-in [more…]

Setting Preferences in Photoshop Elements Editing Environment

Opening Photoshop Elements for the first time is like moving into a new office. Before you begin work, you need to organize the office. In Elements terms, the office organization consists of specifying [more…]

How to Get Help in Photoshop Elements 14

You probably not a fan of sifting through help files and want an expert guide to image editing in Photoshop Elements. Elements is a sophisticated program which offers you so many tools that it’s tough [more…]

The Photo Editor in Photoshop Elements 14

Before you begin editing photos in Photoshop Elements, you’ll find it helpful to look over the Photo Editor and figure out how to move around the workspace. When the Photo Editor is in Expert mode, you [more…]

The Image Window in Photoshop Elements 14

Not surprisingly, the image window’s tools and features in Photoshop Elements are most useful when an image is open in the window. To open an image in the image window, follow these steps: [more…]

Navigating the Media Browser in Photoshop Elements 14

When you add photos to the Organizer in Photoshop Elements, the photos and any additional media appear as thumbnails in the central portion of the Organizer — known as the [more…]

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