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Using the Save As Dialog Box in Photoshop Elements 9

Photoshop Elements files can be saved in a variety of different formats using the Save As dialog box. Some format types require you to convert a color mode before the format can be used. Therefore, a relationship [more…]

Working with File Formats in Photoshop Elements 9

When you save files in Photoshop Elements, you need to pick a file format in the Format drop-down menu found in the Save As dialog box.

When you choose from the different format options, keep the following [more…]

How to Import Photos from a Camera into Photoshop Elements 9

Copying photos from your digital camera to your computer so that you can work with them in Photoshop Elements is simple if you’re familiar with your camera and the tools at your disposal. You can use the [more…]

How to Scan Images into Photoshop Elements 9

If you have photo prints that you want to edit in Photoshop Elements, you can use a scanner to import them into the program. Scanners connect through the same ports as cameras and card readers. Typically [more…]

Importing Images from Storage Media into Photoshop Elements 9

When you acquire images in Photoshop Elements from media sources, such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, external hard drives, and your internal hard drive, the process is very similar to opening files from digital cameras [more…]

How to Acquire Photos from Cell Phones in Photoshop Elements 9

In Photoshop Elements, you can acquire images from cell phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads and other handheld devices. You can upload, download, and prepare photos for handheld devices. [more…]

Working with Camera Raw Images in Photoshop Elements 9

You can work with Camera Raw images in Photoshop Elements if your digital camera is capable of capturing images in the Camera Raw format. If you don’t currently have a camera capable of capturing Camera [more…]

How to View Photos in the Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer

The Photoshop Elements Organizer is a powerful tool that helps you locate files and keeps your photos arranged and organized. You can access the Organizer in Windows by clicking the Organizer button on [more…]

How to Change Image Size and Resolution in Photoshop Elements 9

You can change an image’s size and resolution in Photoshop Elements. In some cases, images are too large, and you need to reduce their resolution and physical size. In other cases, you might need a higher [more…]

How to Create a New Document in Photoshop Elements 9

You may want to start from scratch by creating a new document in Photoshop Elements. New, blank pages in Elements have a number of uses. You can mix and merge images in a new document; create a canvas [more…]

How to View Photos in a Slide Show in Photoshop Elements 9

You can view your pictures as a slide show from the Organizer in Photoshop Elements. In addition, you can set up a self-running slide show (in Full Screen view), complete with transition effects and background [more…]

How to Zoom In and Out of Images in Photoshop Elements 9

Zooming in and out of images in Photoshop Elements is a task you perform routinely while editing images in the image window, and also when working in other windows, such as the Camera Raw window and the [more…]

How to View Multiple Documents in Photoshop Elements 9

To view and work on multiple documents in one of the Photoshop Elements editors, you need to become familiar with moving around the Elements interface and bringing photos in view in the main image window [more…]

Using Pan and Zoom with Images in Photoshop Elements 9

When you zoom in on a Photoshop Elements document, scroll bars provide a means for panning the image — moving the image inside the window. You can also use the Hand tool to pan the image. Zoom in to an [more…]

How to Sort Photos in Photoshop Elements 9

The Organizer in Photoshop Elements is a management tool you can use to organize, sort, search, and describe photos with identity information. In terms of sorting and organizing files, Elements provides [more…]

How to Organize Images in Photoshop Elements 9 with Keyword Tags

Photoshop Elements enables you to organize images by using keyword tags. After you acquire your images in the Organizer, sort them and add keyword tags according to the dates you took the pictures, the [more…]

How to Manage Existing Keyword Tags in Photoshop Elements 9

You can manage keyword tags in Photoshop Elements by using menu commands from the New drop-down menu and other commands from a contextual menu that you open by right-clicking a keyword tag on the Keyword [more…]

Importing Photos to a New Catalog in Photoshop Elements 9

When you open files in the Photoshop Elements Organizer, the files are saved automatically to a catalog. The files aren’t really saved to the catalog; rather, links from the catalog to the individual files [more…]

How to Create an Album to Organize Photos in Photoshop Elements 9

In Photoshop Elements, you can use the Albums panel to create an album to organize your photos. You might want to organize an album for sharing photos with others on [more…]

How to Batch Process Multiple Files in Photoshop Elements 9

If you have a number of common edits you want to apply to multiple files, Photoshop Elements lets you batch process these changes. With a single menu command, you can change file formats, change file attributes [more…]

How to Apply Marquee Options in Photoshop Elements 9

The Marquee tools in Photoshop Elements offer additional options when you need to make precise selections at specific measurements. You also find options for making your selections soft around the edges [more…]

Making Freeform Selections with Lasso Tools in Photoshop Elements 9

The Lasso tools in Photoshop Elements enable you to make freeform selections using the Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso tool, and Magnetic Lasso tool. These tools are all designed to make freeform selections [more…]

Using the Magic Wand to Make Selections in Photoshop Elements 9

The Magic Wand selection tool has been around since Photoshop was in its infancy and Elements was not yet a twinkle in Adobe’s eye. It’s extremely easy to use, but a little harder to predict what selection [more…]

How to Modify Selections in Photoshop Elements 9

You can refine that Marquee, Lasso, or Magic Wand selection to perfection in Photoshop Elements. Although these selection tools do an okay job of capturing the bulk of your selection, if you take the time [more…]

How to Paint with the Selection Brush in Photoshop Elements 9

If you like the feel of painting on a canvas, you’ll appreciate the Selection Brush tool in Photoshop Elements. Using two different modes, you can either paint over areas of an image that you want to select [more…]

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