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Photoshop Elements Reference

Photoshop Elements can seem rather daunting the first few times you use it. If you’re a newbie to Elements, or you just like nearby reference material, print out this Cheat Sheet and park it by your computer [more…]

Troubleshooting in Photoshop CS5

When you run into a problem with Photoshop CS5, like the program won’t do what you want it to, or Photoshop simply won’t do anything, try these quick fixes to troubleshoot: [more…]

Selection Tricks in Photoshop CS5

Say you want to work on a part, or selection, of an image instead of the whole photo. Photoshop CS5 has a large group of selection commands and tools. Here are a few tricks to add to your repertoire: [more…]

Photoshop CS5 Layer-Merging Tricks

Here are some tricks for working with layers in Photoshop CS5 if the Layers palette gets too crowded, or if you need to apply the same filter to multiple layers, streamline your Layers palette, or work [more…]

Photoshop CS5 Filter Gallery Colors

Most Photoshop CS5 creative filters use foreground color, background color, or both, and you should select these colors before you get into the Filter gallery. Use this list for important Photoshop filters [more…]

Photoshop CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To use Photoshop CS5, you need to know more than the basics, but also how to troubleshoot problems and use selection and layer-merging tricks. Also become familiar with Photoshop's filter gallery and its [more…]

Accessing the Photoshop CS5 Tools through Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop CS5 sports a hefty tool count of 71 in the Extended version (a few less in the Standard version). Not to fear. This figure shows you Photoshop's tool icon, the name of each tool and its keyboard [more…]

Making and Adjusting Selections in Photoshop CS5

Mastering selections is a key skill to becoming a Photoshop CS5 master. The following table holds a few basic Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to get you started on digital photography projects of all sorts [more…]

The Basic Photoshop CS5 Commands

Getting familiar with the Photoshop CS5 application window is a great way to get your bearings before diving into Photoshop's tools and commands. Here are a few basic pointers: [more…]

Photoshop CS5 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Just when you think the industry leader in digital imaging software had every feature, tool, bell and whistle you could possibly need, Photoshop manages to give more once again. Photoshop CS5 retains all [more…]

How to Navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Workspace

When you first start up Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, whether you’re new to Photoshop Elements or have upgraded to the latest version, you need to know how to get around the workspace. The following figure [more…]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Toolbox Shortcuts

In Photoshop Elements, you use the Toolbox, or Tools panel, to apply effects and techniques, such as masks, selections, brushstrokes, and more. The following figure shows you at a glance what keyboard [more…]

Discover Selection Tricks in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

Many of the cool Photoshop Elements effects begin with a good selection. The following table offers handy how-to's for the most common Photoshop Elements selection tricks [more…]

Photoshop Elements 9 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Elements 9 enables you to create cool effects with your photos and create unique digital images. This Photoshop Elements 9 Cheat Sheet helps you get started with a quick tutorial on how to navigate [more…]

Zooming with Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop Elements 9

For some quick zooms in and out of photos as you use Photoshop Elements 9, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few to keep in mind when you need to quickly change the zoom level: [more…]

Organizing Images Automatically with a Photoshop Elements 9 Smart Album

In the Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer, you can perform a search based on a number of different criteria — and ultimately save the searches in a Smart Album. You can, for example, rate images with stars [more…]

Choosing an Image Resolution for Print or Screen in Photoshop Elements 9

When you print digital images or share them on onscreen, choosing the right resolution for your output is of paramount importance. Good ol’ 72-ppi images can be forgiving, and you can get many of your [more…]

Editing Photos for Online Albums in Photoshop Elements 9

Online albums on social networking sites like Facebook are a popular way to share photos. In Photoshop Elements 9, four adjustments are all you need to improve pictures taken with cell phones, point-and-shoot [more…]

Photoshop Elements 9 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Photoshop Elements 9, you find tools for editing, organizing, and sharing your images as prints or digital projects, and this Cheat Sheet highlights features you’ll want to use again and again. When [more…]

How to Change the Organizer Display in Photoshop Elements 9

When you open Photoshop Elements’ Organizer, the default view is a Thumbnail display. Your photos, videos, projects, and audio files appear with a mini image or icon that can be adjusted to different sizes [more…]

How to Start and Exit Photoshop Elements 9

Photoshop Elements provides several methods for starting and exiting the program. You can open Photoshop Elements by using the Start menu or a desktop shortcut. When you want to exit the program, you can [more…]

Exploring the Photoshop Elements 9 Workspace

The Photoshop Elements workspace in Edit mode shows you some of the power that Elements offers with just a click of your mouse button. When it comes to editing a photograph, you find quite a collection [more…]

How to Navigate the Edit Full Mode in Photoshop Elements 9

Edit Full mode in Photoshop Elements offers bundles of tools that you can use to edit your images, from correction tools for fixing color and clarity to filters, layers, and more for changing existing [more…]

Looking at the Photoshop Elements 9 Menus

The menus in Photoshop Elements are logically constructed and identified to provide commands for working with your pictures. The menus include many commands that you don’t find supported in tools and on [more…]

Using the Photoshop Elements 9 Tools Panel

Photoshop Elements provides a good number of panels for different purposes. The one that you’ll use most often is the Tools panel. You typically first click a tool on the Tools panel and then use another [more…]

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