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How to Watermark Your Wedding Photographs

If you plan to use your wedding images online, you should be sure to watermark your photos. Any time you publish your photos on the web, there’s always a chance that your images will be stolen or used [more…]

How to Adjust the Tone in Wedding Photography Edits

In digital wedding photography, you'll very likely have to adjust the tone of your image(s). Tone deals with the range of the darkest to lightest parts of your picture and is one of the most crucial elements [more…]

How to Boost Color and Adjust Clarity in Wedding Photography Edits

Color and clarity adjustments can be found under the Basic editing panel under Presence. Boosting the color and clarity are often the final editing touches and can bring a lot of life to a picture [more…]

A Few Considerations for the Final Edits of Wedding Photographs

The way you digitally save an image from your wedding photography collection changes slightly based on how you’ll use the photo. Resolution, image size, file format, and watermarking are all affected by [more…]

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