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How to Use the Liquify Filter in Your Image Editor

The Liquify filter in your image editor is more than a filter — the Liquify filter allows you to manipulate your digital image like warm taffy. You can use the Liquify filter to distort the entire image [more…]

How to Use Your Image Editor’s Correct Camera Distortion Filter

If you get a distorted view of a subject in a digital photo, use your image-editing program’s Correct Camera Distortion filter to change the distorted image to a normal perspective. Just remember that [more…]

How to Fade a Filter in Your Image-Editing Software

Your image-editing program’s filters, also called plug-ins because you can install or remove them independently, can change the look of your digital image in a variety of ways. Some filters correct less-than-perfect [more…]

Using Image-Editing Software Filters on Your Digital Photo

If you want to apply a change to an entire area of your digital photo, you can use a filter in your image editor. Almost all filters in image-editing software [more…]

The Types of Image-Editing Filters

If your image editor offers filters, you can apply those filters to your digital photos for a wide range of uses. Whether you want to correct your digital photo or manipulate it for effect, filters can [more…]

Adjust Color Temperature with Photo Filters in Photoshop Elements 10

Elements gives you the digital version of old-fashioned color filters with the Photo Filter command. Light has its own color temperature. A photo shot in a higher color temperature of light makes the image [more…]

Map Colors in Photoshop Elements 10

Elements provides color mapper commands that change the colors in your image by mapping them to other values. You find the color mappers on the Filter→Adjustments submenu. [more…]

Adjust Image Clarity in Photoshop Elements 10

After your image has the right contrast and color, and you fix any flaws, you’re ready to work on the overall clarity of that image. Although you may have fixed the nitpicky little blemishes with the healing [more…]

Remove Noise, Artifacts, Dust, and Scratches from Your Images

The Photoshop Elements 10 tools you want to use to eliminate junk from your images are found on the Filter→Noise submenu in Full Photo Edit or Quick Photo Edit mode. With the exception of the Add Noise [more…]

Blur Images as Needed in Photoshop Elements 10

It may sound odd that anyone would intentionally want to blur an image. But, if your photo is overly grainy or suffers from a nasty moiré (wavy) pattern [more…]

Improve Focus by Sharpening Images in Photoshop Elements 10

If your images don’t need any contrast, color, and flaw fixing, feel free to jump right into sharpening. Sometimes, images captured by a scanner or a digital camera are a little soft, and it’s not due [more…]

Filter Basics in Photoshop Elements 10

Filters have been around since the early days of digital imaging, when Photoshop was just a little bitty program. Filters, also called plug-ins because they can be installed or removed independently, change [more…]

Corrective and Destructive Filters in Photoshop Elements 10

Photoshop Elements 10 offers a variety of filters. Although there are no hard and fast rules, most digital-imaging folks classify filters into two basic categories, [more…]

Fade a Filter in Photoshop Elements 10

When working in Photoshop Elements 10, you might not want the full effect of a filter applied to your image. Fading a filter a bit softens the effect and can make it look less “computerish.” [more…]

Photoshop Elements 10 Filter Gallery

When you apply a filter in Photoshop Elements 10, you’re presented with a gargantuan dialog box. This editing windowis the Filter Gallery. You can also access it by choosing Filter→Filter Gallery. In the [more…]

Distort Images with the Liquify Filter in Photoshop Elements 10

The Liquify filter in Photoshop Elements 10 is much more than a filter. It’s a distortion that allows you to manipulate an image as though it were warm taffy. You can interactively twist, pull, twirl, [more…]

Correct Camera Distortion in Photoshop Elements 10

The Correct Camera Distortion filter in Photoshop Elements 10 fixes the distorted perspective created by both vertical and horizontal tilting of the camera. As a bonus, this filter also corrects other [more…]

Stylize Type in Photoshop Elements 10

If you’ve tried your hand at creating a type mask, you know that Photoshop Elements 10 is capable of much more than just throwing a few black letters at the bottom of your image. With a few clicks here [more…]

Paint Type with Color and Gradients

Changing the color of text in Photoshop Elements 10 is as easy as highlighting it and selecting a color from the Color Picker. But what if you want to do something a little less conventional, such as apply [more…]

Warp Your Type in Photoshop Elements 10

If horizontal or vertical text is just way too regimented for you, try the Photoshop Elements 10 Warp feature. The best part about the distortions you apply is that the text remains fully editable. This [more…]

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