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How to Retouch Blemishes in Your Digital Photos

If you have a nice digital-photo portrait of someone that needs a little retouching, you can easily retouch minor flaws with the Healing Brush tools in Photoshop Elements [more…]

Repairing Vintage Photos in Your Image-Editing Software

When you look at all the problems with a vintage photo, the task of fixing that vintage photo’s damage may seem overwhelming. But image-editing software offers you many options to make that vintage photo [more…]

How to Fix an Underexposed Digital Photo

If your take a photo that you love but it’s underexposed, you can rescue the image in your image-editing software. Many image editors let you correct underexposed pictures, making them underexposed no [more…]

How to Remove Scratches and Spots from a Scanned Photo

A photo that you scan into your computer may have suffered some damage, and the scanning process can also add imperfections. You can use your image editor to remove this damage in the digital version of [more…]

Correcting Faded Colors in Your Digital Photos

If you’ve scanned a photo that has faded colors, you can use your image-editing software to try to restore the original colors. You might have to make up some colors, depending on how faded the photo is [more…]

How to Fix an Overexposed Digital Photo

If you accidentally overexpose a photo with your digital camera, you can easily fix it with a duplicate layer and the proper blend mode. As long as none of the overexposed highlights are completely blown [more…]

Removing Red Eye from a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Your digital picture subjects may end up with a case of red eye. If you can’t prevent the red eye when you take the picture, you can remove it in Adobe Photoshop Elements using the Red Eye tool designed [more…]

How to Fix Color Casts in Your Digital Photos

A color cast is a tint that discolors your digital image. If a color cast appears in an image captured with a digital camera, get rid of that color cast by using your digital editing application. [more…]

How to Edit Photos in iPhoto

iPhoto includes several image editing tools that you can use to correct common problems in your pictures, such as red eye. You can use the editing tools to rotate images, retouch photos, or enhance the [more…]

How to Straighten Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best new photo-editing features in the Windows Live Photo Gallery is the Straighten Photo tool. You can use the Straighten Photo tool in Windows 7's Windows Live Photo Gallery to compensate [more…]

How to Fix an Out-of-Focus Photo

There’s nothing worse than an image where the subject is out of focus. This often occurs when you shoot with a large aperture. If your focus isn’t spot-on, the entire image appears to be out of focus. [more…]

How to Fix Brightness and Colors in Landscape Photos

The immediacy of digital photography leads many landscape photographers to think they can just point and shoot and the law of averages will give them some good shots. Although this is true, you get much [more…]

Improve Your Contrast in Macro and Close-Up

The great photographers of the black-and-white film period knew the importance of manipulating their exposures after the image was captured on film. They would spend hours in the dark room. Now you have [more…]

Correct an Underexposed (or Overexposed) Image

Your exposure determines how bright your image looks. An underexposed photograph appears dark all around and typically contains little to no detail in the shadow areas. An overexposed image appears bright [more…]

How Postproduction Sharpening Filters Work

Sharpening filters work in postproduction by emphasizing the edges (or adjacent areas with tonal contrast to one another) in an image. They create a fine highlight on the darker side of the edge, and a [more…]

Enhance Sharpness in a Close-Up Photograph Postproduction

Sharpness is very important, especially in macro and close-up photography. It’s easy to spot focus-related errors in this genre because so much close detail is visible in the photographs. [more…]

Adjust the Contrast in Postproduction

Getting the correct exposure is one of the first steps to creating a beautiful close-up photograph, as it ensures you have detail in your shadows and highlights. The next step is to enhance your exposures [more…]

Sharpen a Close-Up Photograph with in Photoshop

There are always multiple methods of achieving any task in Photoshop, and this is true for sharpening your macro or close-up image. One trick, which many photographers prefer, enables you to sharpen an [more…]

Improve Color in Your Macro or Close-Up Image

Color plays an important role in macro and close-up photography, whether it’s to depict a small subject for what it truly looks like (as in small product photography) or to create a certain mood in an [more…]

The Downsides to Sharpening Macro Photographs

The postproduction sharpening tool is one that can enhance or destroy the quality of a macro or close-up image, depending on how you use it. It works best when applied in moderation, with just enough of [more…]

Enhance Composition and Aesthetics in Your Macro Photograph

In macro and close-up photography, your subject is often very obvious, since the camera is so close to it and it’s often represented largely in your frame. Even so, you can improve its presence and lead [more…]

Merge Macro Images to Improve Sharpness

Some photo-editing programs (like Photoshop version CS4 and later) enable you to capture multiple images of one subject, each with a separate point of focus, and merge the images to create one image with [more…]

Correct Flaws and Distractions in Close-Up Photographs

Many factors can cause visual distractions in a macro or close-up photograph. These tend to detract from the subject and can cause images to appear messy or unclear. [more…]

Fix Your Perspective on Macro Photographs in Postproduction

Sometimes to get the proper angle on a subject, you end up with the wrong perspective, resulting in distortion. This can mean lines that are supposed to be straight appear bent. Or elements that should [more…]

How to Retouch Digital Wedding Photography

As you retouch your digital wedding photos, it is important to remember that you don’t want your edits to be obvious. The goal in this process is to tweak an image just enough that it improves the final [more…]

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