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Selecting by the Edges in Your Digital Image

The term edges refers to areas in your digital image where light areas meet dark areas. Many photo-editing programs allow you to draw a selection outline along an edge. The tool searches for edges near [more…]

Selecting Your Entire Image in Your Photo Editor

If you want to change your entire digital photo, most programs allow you to select all pixels in your picture. You can select (or deselect) the whole image in a number of ways, depending on what program [more…]

Working on Your Digital Images with Corel Photo-Paint

Corel Photo-Paint is the image-editing program included in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and it’s a reasonably full-featured photo-retouching and image-editing program. Photo-Paint [more…]

Editing Your Digital Photos with Roxio PhotoSuite

Roxio PhotoSuite allows you to do basic image editing on your digital photos. PhotoSuite is inexpensive (less than $50) and easy to use. PhotoSuite has many features that you may want in an image editor [more…]

How to Edit Photos in iPhoto

iPhoto includes several image editing tools that you can use to correct common problems in your pictures, such as red eye. You can use the editing tools to rotate images, retouch photos, or enhance the [more…]

How to Edit a Photo in Windows 7's Live Paint

Paint, Windows 7's improved drawing program, lets you express your creativity with a number of photo editing tools. You can edit photos using Paint in Windows 7 by adding text, changing colors, and other [more…]

How to Adjust Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

You can automatically adjust photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery with Windows 7. Windows 7’s free Windows Live Photo Gallery feature allows you to fix such common mistakes as tilted horizons, red eyes [more…]

How to Resize and Crop a Photo in Windows 7's New Paint Application

Windows Paint, Windows 7's improved drawing program, lets you resize or crop photos. Resizing photos makes them small enough for e-mails or size-specific for inclusion in a document. Many photos can also [more…]

How to Create a Panoramic Photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Have you ever taken a series of shots, side by side, trying to convey the vastness of a scene? Why show a series of little shots when you can create one big one? You can use Windows 7 Live Photo Gallery [more…]

How to Straighten Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best new photo-editing features in the Windows Live Photo Gallery is the Straighten Photo tool. You can use the Straighten Photo tool in Windows 7's Windows Live Photo Gallery to compensate [more…]

How to View Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best ways to view photos in Windows 7 is by using the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Windows Live Photo Gallery brings a handful of sophisticated tools to the thorny problems of gathering, fixing [more…]

How to Edit Your Photos Online

There are several online resources for editing your favorite pictures. Most cameras come with basic photo editing software, but what do you do if you just transferred a picture over from your cell phone [more…]

Editing Your Digital Photos

When you’ve been taking photos with your digital camera for a while, you may not always be thrilled with the outcome and may wonder, “Can this photo be saved?” The answer is often “Yes.” Use the tricks [more…]

Enhancing Your Macro and Close-Up Images in Postproduction

All is not lost if you don't get the perfect shot. Postproduction photo-editing software enables you to enhance your macro and close-up digital images, as well as to correct minor mistakes that took place [more…]

How to Fix an Out-of-Focus Photo

There’s nothing worse than an image where the subject is out of focus. This often occurs when you shoot with a large aperture. If your focus isn’t spot-on, the entire image appears to be out of focus. [more…]

How to Fix Brightness and Colors in Landscape Photos

The immediacy of digital photography leads many landscape photographers to think they can just point and shoot and the law of averages will give them some good shots. Although this is true, you get much [more…]

HDR Photography for Landscapes and Nature

A method known as high-definition range (HDR) photography enables you to create landscape and nature images that have a wider range of colors and tonality than previously possible with digital photography [more…]

Shoot Landscape Images for Your HDR Photo

Creating landscape and nature images to merge into HDR isn’t rocket science, but you have to follow a sequence and use some specific tools. The images you merge using HDR software need to be perfectly [more…]

Create an HDR Landscape Image in Photoshop Elements 9

If you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom coupled with Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro, you can get a a surprisingly realistic HDR image by merging exposures in Photoshop Elements. To merge exposures in Photoshop [more…]

Take a Landscape Panorama Picture

Landscapes that go on for miles and miles and miles deserve special treatment. Instead of creating a landscape image with the standard digital photography 4:3 aspect ratio, go really wide and create a [more…]

Stitch Panorama Images in Photoshop Elements

After you take landscape images for a panorama, you stitch them together to make a single image. Many newer cameras have stitching software as part of the package. If your camera doesn’t have stitching [more…]

Edit Your Nature Photos with Photoshop Elements

Your digital camera does a great job of capturing your nature and landscape images. But digital images generally need a bit of work. Photoshop Elements is your digital darkroom. This application can do [more…]

Resize Your Nature Photos in Photoshop Elements

Your digital camera has a set size and resolution for the images it captures. The size depends on the resolution of the camera in megapixels. You can use Photoshop Elements to resize your images prior [more…]

Crop Your Landscape Photos in Photoshop Elements

You can use Photoshop Elements to crop your images prior to exporting them for e-mail, posting them on a website, or creating prints. To do so, specify the image size and resolution. You can also crop [more…]

Sharpen Your Nature Images with Photoshop Elements

Nature and landscape photos captured by a digital camera are a little soft. This has nothing to do with the camera lens but has everything to do with the camera sensor. Fortunately, you can sharpen your [more…]

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