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How to Straighten Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best new photo-editing features in the Windows Live Photo Gallery is the Straighten Photo tool. You can use the Straighten Photo tool in Windows 7's Windows Live Photo Gallery to compensate [more…]

How to View Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best ways to view photos in Windows 7 is by using the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Windows Live Photo Gallery brings a handful of sophisticated tools to the thorny problems of gathering, fixing [more…]

How to Scan Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery

In Windows 7, you can scan photos (or anything else, for that matter) directly into Windows Live Photo Gallery. Although you can also scan photos and documents using Windows Fax and Scan, you’ll get a [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting in Photoshop 6

In order to play with images in Photoshop 6, it’s nice to be able to choose, or select, an image or part of an image so that you can draw on it, add color to it, or even delete it. The keyboard shortcuts [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Daily Activities in Photoshop 6

When you work with Photoshop 6, you need to know how to do basic, everyday tasks such as opening and closing images. Plus, it’s good to know the quick ways to do the print, save, undo, and other commands [more…]

Palette Shortcuts in Photoshop 6

As you use Photoshop 6, you give your inner artist free rein. The palettes in Photoshop 6 help you in your creative endeavors, and the following table helps you with the practical matter of accessing the [more…]

Shortcut Keys for Painting in Photoshop 6

One of the cool features of Photoshop 6 is the fact that it comes equipped with painting tools that you can use to alter your images. And Photoshop provides shortcut keys to help you paint quickly and [more…]

Shortcut Keys for Layers in Photoshop 6

The ability to add layers to images is a fun feature of Photoshop 6. The following table tells you how to access a new layer and move selections between layers, and generally shows you how to navigate [more…]

Toolbox Shortcuts in Photoshop 6

To help you manipulate images, Photoshop 6 offers a toolbox with a whole bunch of useful tools. You click the Photoshop icon and sometimes another key or two to access the tools that make working and playing [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating in Photoshop 6

When you’re working with Photoshop 6, the navigation tools help you zoom in and out up and down, and generally navigate around an image. You can use the keyboard shortcuts in the following table to zip [more…]

Photoshop 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop 6 offers a creative cornucopia for editing, altering, and enhancing images. Beyond a well-equipped toolbox, you get a variety of palettes as well as shortcut keys that help you navigate, layer [more…]

How to Navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Workspace

When you first start up Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, whether you’re new to Photoshop Elements or have upgraded to the latest version, you need to know how to get around the workspace. The following figure [more…]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Toolbox Shortcuts

In Photoshop Elements, you use the Toolbox, or Tools panel, to apply effects and techniques, such as masks, selections, brushstrokes, and more. The following figure shows you at a glance what keyboard [more…]

Discover Selection Tricks in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Many of the cool Photoshop Elements effects begin with a good selection. The following table offers handy how-to's for the most common Photoshop Elements selection tricks [more…]

Photoshop Elements 8 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Elements 8 enables you to create cool effects with your photos and create unique digital images. This Photoshop Elements 8 Cheat Sheet helps you get started with a quick tutorial on how to navigate [more…]

How to Navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Workspace

When working with Photoshop Elements 8 as a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you want to become familiar with opening and manipulating images in the photo-editing program's workspace environment [more…]

Selection Tricks for Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Creating selections is a common photo-editing task. With Photoshop Elements 8, you can modify selections using a variety of click+drag operations. Here’s a list of how you can add to or subtract from Photoshop [more…]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Toolbox Shortcuts

Accessing tools from the Photoshop Elements 8 Tools panel is a task you’ll repeat many times. Elements makes it easy to grab a tool through the use of keyboard shortcuts. The following illustrations break [more…]

Photoshop Elements 8 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Elements 8 offers you many different editing tools for improving image quality, designing a variety of photo creations, and sharing your photos in a number of ways. Of course, the popular photo-editing [more…]

Photoshop Elements Reference

Photoshop Elements can seem rather daunting the first few times you use it. If you’re a newbie to Elements, or you just like nearby reference material, print out this Cheat Sheet and park it by your computer [more…]

How to Import Digital Images from Your Camera into Mac OS X Snow Leopard

iPhoto — Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s application for working with photos — includes an import mode that lets you download images directly from your digital camera into iPhoto. Follow these steps to import [more…]

How to Edit Your Photos Online

There are several online resources for editing your favorite pictures. Most cameras come with basic photo editing software, but what do you do if you just transferred a picture over from your cell phone [more…]

Troubleshooting in Photoshop CS5

When you run into a problem with Photoshop CS5, like the program won’t do what you want it to, or Photoshop simply won’t do anything, try these quick fixes to troubleshoot: [more…]

Selection Tricks in Photoshop CS5

Say you want to work on a part, or selection, of an image instead of the whole photo. Photoshop CS5 has a large group of selection commands and tools. Here are a few tricks to add to your repertoire: [more…]

Photoshop CS5 Layer-Merging Tricks

Here are some tricks for working with layers in Photoshop CS5 if the Layers palette gets too crowded, or if you need to apply the same filter to multiple layers, streamline your Layers palette, or work [more…]

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