Understanding How to Use Your Digital Camera

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How to Shoot Sharper Digital SLR Photos

When it comes to dSLR photography, sharpness is often equated to quality. Sharper images simply look better. They tend to be more interesting because you can make out finer details. [more…]

How to Set Up Your Digital SLR Camera to Take HDR Photos

Just like traditional dSLR photography, HDR requires that you set up your camera and gear. If you plan on shooting HDR, you might have to change some things, and some things you would be setting up anyway [more…]

How to Manually Shoot Brackets with Your Digital SLR Camera

Whether you have a dSLR camera that shoots AEB or not, knowing how to shoot manual brackets is helpful. After a bit of practice, HDR photography (brackets, exposure, and the other aspects and terminology [more…]

How to Create HDR Images from Digital SLR Photos in Photomatrix Pro

As you might expect, you have to use specialized HDR software to create HDR images from your dSLR photos. After you load your brackets into the software, the HDR software takes all the data and creates [more…]

How to Use Photomatix Pro to Tone Map HDR Images

When you tone map your HDR images (convert an HDR image into something more manageable), the software fun starts to happen. The problem is that tone mapping is sometimes so unpredictable that showing you [more…]

How to Stitch Digital SLR Frames Together in Photoshop Elements

Unless you have a camera that does it for you, panoramas don’t merge themselves. Specialized software, like Photoshop Elements, combines (stitches) the separate frames of the panorama into a single blended [more…]

How to Shoot Automatic Panoramas with Your Digital SLR

Some cameras, mostly Sony dSLTs, shoot and process panoramas automatically. Sony calls its feature Sweep Panorama (formerly Sweep Shooting), which is also available in 3D. Instead of photographing several [more…]

5 Tips for Shooting People with Your Digital SLR

When you use your dSLR to take photos of people, you normally want a very shallow depth of field (area of focus). This separates subjects from the blurred background and looks really nice. To achieve this [more…]

5 Tips for Shooting Landscapes with Your Digital SLR

Photographing landscapes with your dSLR is different: You have to go where they are. You can’t set one on a table in your studio or meet one at a local park. You have to find a means of transportation [more…]

5 Tips for Taking Action Shots with Your Digital SLR

Shutter speed. Shutter speed, shutter speed. If you want to take action shots with your dSLR, you must make shutter speed your top priority. All else is secondary. Use the largest aperture you can and [more…]

5 Tips for Shooting Cities and Buildings with Your Digital SLR

Buildings and cities are man-made landscapes. You’ll use many of the same techniques to photograph them as you would a sunset over a river. Framing and direction are important when photographing buildings [more…]

5 Tips for Shooting Close-Ups with Your Digital SLR

Close-ups are a fantastic way to capture details with your dSLR. They help you see things in a different light, whether the photo is of a statue, a spider, or a flower. This change in perspective also [more…]

Capture Hidden Detail with High Dynamic Range Photography

High dynamic range (HDR) photography is one of those techniques you either love or hate. So, if you’ve never thought of experimenting with HDR to capture detail hidden in your images with your dSLR, now [more…]

How to Capture the Invisible with Infrared Photography

If you’re looking for a new type of photography to play with, infrared imaging with digital cameras can easily become your new playground. By ignoring visible light and capturing subjects solely by the [more…]

Lighting Small Objects in Tents

One of the challenges of shooting close-up pictures of small objects is providing even lighting. You can arrange one or two (or even more) lights but might end up with unsightly shadows, harsh illumination [more…]

How to Turn Your dSLR into a Pinhole Camera

You probably paid at least a few hundred dollars for the lens mounted on your dSLR right now. How would you like to play with a “lens” that costs you, maybe, five bucks? Now you, too, can turn your digital [more…]

Warping Time with Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a great way to show a flower unfolding, the sun marching across the sky, the process of building construction, and (over the course of a year) the change of seasons. You can take [more…]

Expand Your dSLR Creativity with Slow Shutter Speeds

Ordinarily, photographers consider blurry images a bad thing. When you use a shutter speed that’s so slow your subjects are rendered as a big blur, say something like, “Oh, I [more…]

Capture an Instant in Time with Fast Shutter Speeds

Some subjects move so quickly that the human eye normally could never observe them. However, a very fast shutter speed can freeze a moment in time. Falling water, a breaking light bulb, a bullet penetrating [more…]

How to Shoot Fireworks with Your dSLR

You don’t have to wait until Independence Day to shoot fireworks. People commemorate a lot of other events and celebrations, including baseball games and auto races, with an aerial display. Perhaps you [more…]

How to Shoot Extreme Effects with Your dSLR

Normally, you want to set your camera’s controls so that you get the best-exposed, most realistic image. However, at times, you might want to go for baroque and get a really over-the-top image right in [more…]

Play with Angles in Your Digital Photography

Good composition often involves playing all the angles — all of them. Don’t be satisfied with the different perspectives that you get with a 360-degree walk-around. Climb on a nearby rock or ladder, stand [more…]

Digital Noise in Your Photography

If you’re old enough to remember Slade or Quiet Riot, you know that noize rocks — as long as you’re looking for a bit of multicolored speckly texture in your images. Like grain back in the film era, you [more…]

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