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How to Take Digital Photos in the Early Morning or Late Afternoon

The time of day affects how you can take pictures with your digital camera. The early morning and late afternoon sun requires a certain approach to picture-taking. The morning and afternoon sun is near [more…]

How to Take Digital Photos in the Middle of the Day

During the middle of the day, the overhead sun gives you no shadows to soften your digital photos. Though pictures in the midday sun may not look great, you can still take high noon pictures worth looking [more…]

Use Natural Light for Close-Up and Macro Photography

Many people prefer to use natural light in macro and close-up photography. You may choose not to use artificial light sources because you don’t like the quality of light you get from a flash, you don’t [more…]

Keep Time on Your Side during Dog Photography Sessions

When photographing dogs outside, the best time to shoot is in the morning or late afternoon. Of course, every location is different, depending on things like trees, hills, and other features that create [more…]

Pick the Perfect Time of Day for Outdoor Dog Photos

Pay attention to the light in your yard or favorite outdoor areas at different times of day when determining where to conduct your dog photography sessions. Notice how the light changes from orange to [more…]

Weather and Seasons Impact Dog Photography

As with any general statements, guidelines about the best time of day to photograph dogs outdoors change depending on different variables — in this case, the weather and seasons. With each variable comes [more…]

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