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Deliver Message in Still-Life Photography with Technique

When creating personal, artistic photographs, you’re not confined to the purpose or function of a still-life subject. Instead, you’re granted full creative license to create images based on what you have [more…]

DIY: Create a Small Product Studio Set

Small product photography is often created in the studio and on a tabletop set. There are a few ways to go about constructing this type of set.

A roll of white, grey, black, or colored paper can provide [more…]

Photograph Tiny Things That Fly

An even greater macro photography challenge than small creatures and insects that move on the ground is working with those that fly. This type of macro and close-up photography requires the most patience [more…]

Find Macro and Close-Up Photo Subjects

After you discover your own ability to capture photographic detail in life’s smaller scenes, you may want to explore the possibilities of macro and close-up photography, creating beautiful images with [more…]

Close-Up Photographs of Small Creatures and Insects

By photographing small living creatures close up, you can create images that reveal fine details, which are generally overlooked or not visible with the naked eye. This kind of detail helps to provide [more…]

Capture the Beauty of Flowers with Macro Photography

It’s no secret that flowers make great close-up photographic subjects. The elements of design they contain are a gift to photographers, offering unique opportunities within each individual subject. No [more…]

Close-Up Photographs of Water

Water makes for a very interesting macro photography subject, as it can be transparent, reflective, or both simultaneously. Water can reveal movement, or it can be motionless and frozen in time. [more…]

Get Group Shots with Crisp Detail from Depth of Field

Because depth of field is basically how much of your image is in focus and is determined by your aperture setting, understanding it is key to getting good group photos of your dogs or dogs and humans. [more…]

Give Clear Directions to Your Furless Models

Photographing dogs and humans at the same time . . . um . . . builds character. There’s no telling which species is easier to manage until you’re right in the midst of photographing, but one thing’s for [more…]

Family Portrait Including Dogs

The family portrait is a classic must-get, and you can go as traditional or creative as you’d like. Just remember to use depth of field and keep your subjects on the same plane. Generally, the easiest [more…]

Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Paw in Hand

There’s something so soft and gentle about a person holding her dog’s paw in her hand. It’s a favorite photo to get and one of those instances where you can feel the love without having to see much more [more…]

Take the Photo of Humans and Dogs, Face to Face

The possibilities with face-to-face photos are endless. Nothing melts your heart faster than an image of a dog and his human gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. It just says everything about the true [more…]

Take Photos of Dogs in the Laps of Their Humans

The doggie-in-the-lap shot is an obvious choice for little pups, although plenty of 80-pound lap dogs are out there, and if they and their owners are game, you can try taking these shots with them, too [more…]

How to Take Photos Featuring Dogs and Babies

You may think trying to photograph a dog — a being that doesn’t understand English the same way humans do — is the pinnacle of difficulty. But you’d be wrong, because, see, babies don’t really know what [more…]

How to Take Photos Featuring Dogs and Seniors

Some of the most poignant human-dog relationships happen between dogs and senior citizens. Seeing how the two rely on each other and give each other so much love and companionship can be truly amazing [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Party and Families

Wedding party and family portraits give you the chance to let your photographic artistry shine. You want to make sure you get good portraits for the bride and groom to remember their special day. [more…]

How to Handle Stiffness and Stress in a Wedding Photography Shoot

Portraits are an important and time-consuming part of the photography lineup for a wedding day, and you and the couple may have trouble relaxing. The following tips can help you reduce awkwardness or tension [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Preparation

The photographs of the bride and groom getting ready for the wedding are the introduction to the wedding story you’re documenting as wedding photographer. In this scene, the different characters are revealed [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Ceremony

The primary scene for wedding photography is always the ceremony. This scene includes the climax of the wedding day plot: the moment the couple says “I do” and is formally introduced as husband and wife [more…]

How to Photograph the Wedding Reception

The reception is the final scene of the wedding, in which the photographic story moves toward the “happily ever after” ending. As you shoot this last part of the wedding, keep the purpose of the scene [more…]

How to Capture Bride and Groom Portraits

As you begin taking the formal portraits as a wedding photographer, have fun. This part of the day is where you have the most interaction with your clients. Talk and laugh with the couple while you’re [more…]

How to Photograph the Couple’s First Look before the Wedding

The First Look is a private moment when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. Typically, the wedding photographer is present to capture the moment. Usually, the groom has his [more…]

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