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Tips for Photographing Rivers, Lakes, and Swamps

If you live near a river or lake, visit it at different times of the year to photograph its full diversity. A river can be raging when snow is melting, or it can be placid at the end of summer. If you [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing Water in Motion

Cascading water is exciting to watch and photograph. Raging rivers also make beautiful photographs. Surging white water rapids, briny mist, and cascading spray are all the elements you need for a great [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing a Water Landscape

Still water is an interesting subject for a photographer. Lakes can be shallow bodies of water with vegetation on the shorelines, or they can be mountain lakes that are carved out by glaciers. A healthy [more…]

Tips for Photographing a Forest Landscape

Every landscape photographer’s goal is to take a picture that captures the true essence and beauty of a place. When your subject, such as a forest, is essentially monotone — in this case a lovely shade [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing a Forest

In order to get good photographs of a forest, you must notice the forest as an entity. When you see the elements for a compelling picture fall into place, it’s time to think about composition, settings [more…]

Tips for Shooting a Sunrise Photo

Sunrise is a glorious time for nature and landscape photography. You capture wonderful images just before the sun comes up and as it peeks over the horizon, and also for an hour or so after the sun rises [more…]

Tips for Shooting a Sunset Photo

Sunset gives you the same wonderful light for photographs you get in the morning, only you get the wonderful light at the end of the day, then the sun dips below the horizon and any clouds in the area [more…]

Options for Sunset Photographs

Sunrise and sunset are great times to shoot pictures. The sun casts a golden hue on landscapes and seascapes. Add some clouds and you have the recipe for great photographs. However, if you want to get [more…]

Photo Subject Blends into the Background

This problem crops up often when you’re photographing wildlife. Animals like deer and some birds use the natural foliage as camouflage. They tend to congregate in areas that closely match their coloration [more…]

Tips for Photographing a Beach Landscape

Oceans are great subjects for nature photographers. Oceans have personalities and whims. They can be calm and placid one day, and the next day turn into a raging turmoil of crashing waves and foamy surf [more…]

How to Photograph Waves in the Ocean

There are two schools of thought regarding photographing waves. The first is to use a high shutter speed to freeze the motion of a cresting wave and any spray. Other photographers like to use a slow shutter [more…]

How to Shoot In-Camera Abstract Photos

You can get interesting in-camera abstract photos with subjects that have patterns, such as a row of trees, tree barks, palm fronds, and so on. This technique involves controlled motion of the camera while [more…]

How to Photograph Still Water

When you photograph a still body of water, you have a mirror-like surface that reflects the beauty of nature. The quality of the reflection depends on your vantage point and whether the water is perfectly [more…]

Abstract Photographs of Cresting Waves

Oceans and lakes make great landscape photograph subjects. A technique known as wave panning creates a very abstract, almost painterly, image of a cresting wave. You can also do wave panning on large lakes [more…]

How to Take Black-and-White Landscape Photos

Ansel Adams captured wonderful landscapes using black-and-white film. Your camera captures color images, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow in Ansel’s footsteps and create black-and-white photos. The [more…]

Nature Photograph — Black Skimmer

Myakka River State Park is home to many species of birds and other wildlife. One day these birds were noticed swooping low on the water. The photographer identified them as black skimmers using his handy [more…]

Landscape Photograph — Sunset in Paradise

This landscape photo was taken in Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida. This picture was photographed in winter. Winter in Florida is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. [more…]

Landscape Photograph — A Fog upon the Bay

A photograph from the trip down from Mount Tamalpais. The fog was thick on San Francisco Bay, but it was clear on the mountain. A lonely tree called for a photograph. Instead of recording detail in the [more…]

Landscape Photograph — Walking in Ansel’s Footsteps

Visiting Yosemite in the late fall is an incredible experience. The leaves turn color and the weather changes. A storm was approaching during on this evening in Yosemite. As the clouds shrouded Half Dome [more…]

Landscape Photograph — Mackerel Sky

This image was photographed a few minutes after the sun went down. Because the clouds didn’t reach all the way to the horizon, the sky would be on fire a few minutes after the sun set. The photographer [more…]

Landscape Photograph — Take the High Trail

This image was photographed in Myakka River State Park near Sarasota, Florida. The park is beautiful with many miles of trails. This trail meanders through a lush meadow dotted with lovely trees. The sun [more…]

Landscape Photo — Myakka Fields of Gold

Florida’s Myakka River State Park has many wonderful vistas. In the winter and early spring before the rains come, the grass is dry and brittle, a wonderful wheat color. This lonely tree in the river of [more…]

Landscape Photograph — The Hawk Speaks

Red-shouldered hawks have a distinct cry, which can frustrate a photographer to no end. You hear the hawk, but you can’t figure out where the creature is. When you do find one, you’re rewarded with some [more…]

Nature Photograph — Close-Up of a Yellow Flower

The plan was to do a photo shoot on Gasparilla Island, but Mother Nature intervened and it rained; actually it poured down rain. The rain stopped, but the sun never came out. On the way back home, these [more…]

Optional Digital SLR Camera Features for Nature Photography

You may already own a digital SLR camera. Or perhaps you’re in the market to get a digital SLR that’s well suited for nature photography. The following options are not necessary, but useful: [more…]

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