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How to Take Pictures of Animals

With practice, you can get great photos of animals (whether they’re your pets or wildlife). Though you can’t get animals to pose for a picture, you can capture quality animal images by following some guidelines [more…]

Taking Close-Up Photographs with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D

You see close-up (or macro) photography used in many nature photographs and most product photography. Your Canon EOS Digital Rebel can take close-up photographs, and you don't necessarily need a fancy [more…]

How to Photograph Backlit Subjects

When the sun illuminates the back of your subject, it is backlit. When your camera meters for a backlit subject or object, it is much darker than the rest of the scene. You can deal with a backlit object [more…]

Learn to Take Great Photos of Birds

The best way to get great digital photographs of any birds is to study them. Spend more time shooting and less time driving to places where you think birds [more…]

The Right Equipment for Photographing Birds

Bird photography is very rewarding. However, it can be quite challenging to get good photographs of birds when you don’t have the right equipment. In addition to knowing about your subjects, you also need [more…]

Take Pictures of Birds at a Bird Feeder

If you like bird photography, you can take great photos in your backyard. You can get stunning pictures of cardinals, blue jays, and hummingbirds. All you need is a bird feeder, some bird feed, and a bit [more…]

How to Photograph Small Birds

The smaller birds can be very interesting subjects for nature photography. You find small birds in many places. The best place to photograph them is in their natural habitat. For example, this catbird [more…]

How to Photograph Wading Birds

Wading birds are interesting subjects for nature photographers. They have tall spindly legs like stilts that keep their bodies high above the waters in which they fish. They also have pointy beaks that [more…]

How to Photograph Birds of Prey

You’ll be better prepared to photograph birds of prey if you know where to find them and know something about their lifestyles. You can find this information in books or through your local Audubon Society [more…]

How to Photograph Birds in the Nest

If you’ve never photographed large birds in a nest, do an online search for “rookeries” in your state. These areas are where birds can find materials and a sheltered area for building nests and tending [more…]

How to Photograph Birds in Flight

Birds in flight are great subjects for nature photographers. When you’re photographing a bird in the nest or at rest, the bird may soon take off in search of food or to pick up building material for a [more…]

The Best Places to Photograph Wildlife

State parks and wildlife preserves are wonderful places to visit and capture compelling photographs of wildlife. In these places, animals get to roam in their native habitats with only minimal intrusion [more…]

Find Wildlife to Photograph

Photographing animals is an exciting part of nature photography. Photographing wild animals is similar to hunting, yet your prey survives to live another day. First, you will need to find wildlife. [more…]

Tips for Wildlife Photography in Parks

You may think photographing wildlife in parks would be easy to do. However, many parks are huge, sprawling over miles and miles. Timid animals can more easily hide far from the beaten path trodden by the [more…]

How to Photograph Animals in Motion

You have two ways to approach action photography with animals. You can freeze the animal's action or create an artistic depiction of the animal’s motion. [more…]

How to Photograph Dangerous Animals

While photographing nature and wildlife, remember some animals are predators and can definitely pose a threat to a photographer. Alligators, bears, bobcats, and panthers, to name a few, are animals that [more…]

Safely Photograph Animals in the Wild

When nature photographers go into the wilderness in search of beauty and wildlife for that perfect photograph, it can and should be enjoyable, rewarding, and free of stress. It should also be a stress-free [more…]

Photograph Nature's Patterns

Landscape photographers tend to look at wide expanses of nature and photograph majestic vistas like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Valley. When focusing on these wonderful scenes, photographers miss some [more…]

How to Use Lensbaby Optics

The Lensbaby line includes a wide variety of optics. The Lensbaby Optic Swap system makes it possible for you to change the look and feel of your digital images by changing the optic. [more…]

How to Photograph Wildflowers

The right equipment and camera settings can help you photograph wildflowers. In some areas, you find wildflowers everywhere: in the woods, by streams, and even in natural storm water ditches. You also [more…]

Macro Photography and Flowers

Photographing a single flower is an art unto itself. This is similar to portrait photography. If you live in a temperate climate, you can find flowers just about anywhere in the spring and summer months [more…]

Tips for Capturing Bird Portraits

Birds are photogenic. Some birds will just naturally stay put and allow their portrait taken. As a nature photographer, you learn that birds that are used to the presence of humans, and occasionally get [more…]

How to Take Portrait Pictures of Animals

You can create wonderful pictures of wild animals by zooming in and taking a portrait. Similar to a portrait of a person, you want the animal to be in sharp focus, against a background that is out of focus [more…]

Tips for Photographing a Mountain Landscape

Some mountain ranges give you a wide variety of subjects to photograph. The Smoky Mountains include waterfalls, rivers, lots of trees, and wildflowers. Yosemite National Park also gives you a well-rounded [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing in Mountains

In landscape photography, you need to have the right equipment and the right settings to get fabulous photos. Here are tips for which focal length range will yield great photos of mountain ranges. I also [more…]

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