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Choosing Effects with the Sony Alpha A35

The Alpha 35 has a number of interesting effects organized into a Picture Effect mode, which is located with Scene Selection on the Mode dial. Each effect is unique and gives you ways to make your images [more…]

Choosing Sony Alpha A65/A77 Shooting Modes

What shooting mode should you use? Your Sony Alpha A65/A77 has modes you can choose based on how the photo should look, the situation, and your photographic experience level. Are you taking action shots [more…]

Choosing Sony Alpha A65/A77 Scenes

In the Sony Alpha's A65/A77 Scene Selection mode, you choose a scene per the kind of photo you’re taking: portraits, action, and nighttime shots benefit from different Scene Selection modes; and macros [more…]

Special Effects on the Sony Alpha A65/A77

The Sony Alpha A65 and A77 have a Picture Effect mode. Picture effects are with Scene Selection on the mode dial. Each effect is unique and makes your images and videos pop. [more…]

Choosing a Shooting Mode on a dSLR

When should you choose Auto mode on your digital SLR camera, and when should you start setting exposure, aperture, and ISO yourself? How much control do you want over the camera, and for what kind of photograph [more…]

Fine Tuning Settings for Your Digital SLR Camera

There are several important settings on your dSLR that don't fit easily into other categories, but that you should be aware of sooner rather than later. They may be on their own tab or integrated into [more…]

How to Set the Aperture on Your Digital SLR

When taking more advanced shots with your Digital SLR, you may need to set or adjust the aperture. You can set the aperture on standard dSLR lenses using one of two methods: [more…]

How to Set and Manage ISO on Your Digital SLR

Unlike the other exposure controls on your dSLR (aperture and shutter speed), ISO doesn't have a dedicated shooting mode. That means you should always be thinking of ISO and how it will affect your photos [more…]

Shooting Mode Options on Your Digital SLR Camera

After you set up, it's time to decide on a shooting mode. What you decide affects how much control you have over your dSLR, and to what purpose. There isn't a wrong choice here. Some people prefer to let [more…]

How to Manually Set Exposure on Your Digital SLR

One of the most powerful exposure tools in your dSLR arsenal is you. Given an understanding of what you want to accomplish creatively, combined with the limitations of your equipment and the lighting on [more…]

GoPro Cameras: How to Set Protune Controls

You can select Protune by going to the Settings menu (the wrench icon) either through the camera or the GoPro App. Protune consists of a group of features that let you fine-tune GoPro capture. Adjusting [more…]

GoPro Cameras: Time-Lapse Mode

GoPro is an equal-opportunity camera because it allows you to capture still images that are every bit as impressive as its video. The wide-angle lens provides a crisp, sharp image for pictures that move [more…]

How to Shoot Closeups in Macro Mode

Extreme close up photos of small objects should be shot in your digital camera's macro mode. Focusing in macro mode can be tricky, but this video shows you what to do. [more…]

How to Select Image Quality on Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera has different quality settings. Compressed (smaller) photographs aren't suitable for making large prints, but have smaller file sizes and take up less room on your PC or memory card [more…]

How to Shoot Landscapes with Your Digital Camera

Many digital cameras have a landscape mode for taking horizontal shots. This tutorial gives tips for taking the best shots of landscapes and vistas with your digital SLR camera, including ISO, shutter [more…]
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