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Photographing the Weather Using Your Digital SLR

Dramatic weather can make for dramatic photographs, and your digital SLR is just the camera to help you capture all kind of weather phenomena, including lightning, rainbows, fog, and rain storms. [more…]

Photographing Children Using Your Digital SLR

Photographs of kids being themselves are precious. You and your digital SLR can preserve that preciousness easily and artfully. Take pictures of your children frequently; birthdays are important, but photos [more…]

Photographing Family Events Using Your Digital SLR

If the onus of recording special family events — graduations, anniversaries, and other family milestone — falls to you and your digital SLR, plan to get the whole event from start to finish. [more…]

Taking Portraits Using Your Digital SLR

With your digital SLR, you can provide your family and friends with treasured portraits of themselves and their loved ones. You can take formal portraits for a passport or professional uses as well as [more…]

Taking Close-Up Portraits Using Your Digital SLR

When you photograph a person who has a beautiful face, the photo shoot’s not over until you get an extreme close-up with your digital SLR. Because you zoom in tight on your subject’s face [more…]

How to Take Group Portraits Using Your Digital SLR

In taking group portraits with your digital SLR, you have to turn a potential hodge-podge of humanity into a pleasing portrait. You need rapport with the group, a creative eye, and the correct camera settings [more…]

How to Take Double Exposures Using Your Digital SLR

If you ever want to be beside yourself, you can use your digital SLR to take a double-exposure. A traditional double exposure is two images on one frame of film; because you’re working digitally — no film [more…]

Photographing Weddings Using Your Digital SLR

Photographers have two schools of thought on wedding photography: journalistic and traditional styles. You can do both with your digital SLR. Journalistic wedding coverage means you include everything [more…]

Photographing a Newborn Using Your Digital SLR

When you become a proud parent, take some time to put on your photographer’s hat, grab your digital SLR, and capture some photos of your precious newborn — you’ll be glad you did a few weeks from now when [more…]

How to Photograph Fireworks Using Your Digital SLR

Fireworks don’t explode just on the 4th of July, and if you plan things right, you can get spectacular pictures with your digital SLR. Capturing the stirring images of fireworks cascading in all their [more…]

How to Take Still-Life Photographs Using Your Digital SLR

Not every picture you take with your digital SLR has to show action or people. You can take charming, artistic still-life photographs. Arranging and photographing still lifes has the added bonus of letting [more…]

Photographing Buildings Using Your Digital SLR

Buildings, whether they’re landmarks, churches, architectural wonders, or of interest just to you — are fine subjects for you and your digital SLR. Buildings don’t forget to smile, don’t fidget, and are [more…]

Photographing Skylines Using Your Digital SLR

Every city has a unique skyline that people familiar with the place can readily identify. With your digital SLR camera, you can capture your hometown’s skyline and try your hand at photographing one of [more…]

Photographing Cities Using Your Digital SLR

Whether you live in a sleepy little town or a metropolis that overflows with humanity, your digital SLR can capture the heart and soul of your hometown. You can experiment with taking shots at night, when [more…]

Photographing a City in Wet Weather Using Your Digital SLR

As long as you protect yourself and your digital SLR camera and gear, you can capture some wonderful images when it’s raining, or after the storm has cleared out, including wonderful reflections of city [more…]

Photographing Landmarks and Famous Places Using Your Digital SLR

Many famous places have been photographed by famous photographers, so before you take your digital SLR in hand to take pictures of a landmark or other often-photographed site, take some time to look at [more…]

Use Live View Mode

Live View is an extremely useful feature on your digital camera. When you use Live View, the camera mirror locks up, and you see the scene on your LCD monitor instead of through the viewfinder. This gives [more…]

The Right Shooting Mode for Nature and Landscapes

The different shooting modes of nature photography are like sub-genres. When you photograph nature, you have myriad subject matter. You have grand landscapes that stretch on forever, wildlife, and small [more…]

Change Settings on Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera has many settings. You have settings to change shooting mode, ISO settings, and so on. Most digital cameras have a dial that you use to change shooting modes and lots of other switches [more…]

Camera Settings for the Wildlife Photographer

You have a digital SLR camera and want to photograph wildlife. If you’re ready to go on safari with your camera, read on. These suggested camera settings for wildlife photography will help you get great [more…]

Camera Settings for Detailed Nature Photography

Photograph details in nature like leaves, vines, flowers, and insects during the early morning or late afternoon. This gives you nice warm light that is flattering and more diffuse than harsh overhead [more…]

Focal Length for Nature Photography

It would be a wonderful thing if you could do all of your photography with one focal length. Well, actually you could, using a little thing called foot zoom [more…]

Focal Length for Photographing Wildlife

The type of lens you use for photographing wildlife depends on whether your subject is close to you or far away. It also depends on the type of wildlife you’re photographing. Let’s face it: Common sense [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing in Mountains

In landscape photography, you need to have the right equipment and the right settings to get fabulous photos. Here are tips for which focal length range will yield great photos of mountain ranges. I also [more…]

Camera Settings for Photographing a Water Landscape

Still water is an interesting subject for a photographer. Lakes can be shallow bodies of water with vegetation on the shorelines, or they can be mountain lakes that are carved out by glaciers. A healthy [more…]

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