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How to Create a Multiple-Exposure Digital Image

You can easily create a digital photo with a multiple-exposure look. All you need is a tripod, your digital camera, and a willing multiple-exposure subject. Make your digital camera give you multiple exposures [more…]

How to Bracket Your Photo Subject

Bracketing is the process of taking three photos; one using the camera’s recommended settings, one intentionally underexposed, and one intentionally overexposed. The reason is simply to be sure you can [more…]

Coordinating Your Digital Camera’s Flash and Shutter

Digital cameras use shutters to expose the sensor when you take a picture. Because the flash is a short burst, the flash must be fired only when the shutters entirely uncover the sensor. You can synchronize [more…]

Taking Close-Up Photographs with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D

You see close-up (or macro) photography used in many nature photographs and most product photography. Your Canon EOS Digital Rebel can take close-up photographs, and you don't necessarily need a fancy [more…]

Photographing Vehicles Using Your Digital SLR

Some vehicles are just transportation but others are works of art worthy of preservation with your digital SLR camera. If you’re into cars or motorcycles or if your boat is your baby, you can show the [more…]

How to Take Action Shots of People Using Your Digital SLR

Your digital SLR camera is good at taking action shots and you may as well put it to use catching your kids in their non-stop activities and friends and family in athletic pursuits. The process requires [more…]

Digital SLR Settings for Photographing Sporting Events

Your digital SLR can make photographing sporting events — bike races, car races, horse races and more — almost as thrilling as the events themselves. You can use the same techniques the pros use to capture [more…]

Stop-Action Photography Using Your Digital SLR

To capture a crystal-clear digital SLR photograph of something traveling toward you at high speed — a race car, a speeding train, a pack of bicyclists, or what have you — your focus has to be spot-on. [more…]

Photographing Birds Using Your Digital SLR

You can capture interesting images of birds large and small with your digital SLR. You just need a bit of patience and some knowledge of the bird you want to photograph. A bird feeder is an ideal place [more…]

Photographing Pets in Action Using Your Digital SLR

Whether your pet is a cat, a dog, a gerbil, a turtle, or any other creature, your digital SLR can capture your companion’s playful nature and give you images to treasure for life. Your job as action photographer [more…]

Taking Pet Portraits Using Your Digital SLR

Whether your pet is a cat, dog, bird, rodent, reptile, or none of the above, you can use your digital SLR camera to take frame-worthy portraits of your pet that you can treasure long after the pet has [more…]

Taking Pictures in Aquariums and Zoos Using Your Digital SLR

To photograph animals kept safely behind glass or metal, you and your digital SLR are a fine team. And, with a bit of work and creativity, you can get great shots of animals that look like you took them [more…]

Photographing Nature Using Your Digital SLR

Whether you’re surrounded by desert or forest, you and your digital SLR camera can capture great nature shots. The trick is to find the detail that makes the picture pop. [more…]

Photographing Landscapes Using Your Digital SLR

Landscape photography done right is stunning. Your digital SLR can capture the mystery and grandeur of a place for an image worth framing. Your vantage point and the way you compose the photograph go a [more…]

Photographing Sunrise Using Your Digital SLR

The rising sun bathes the sky in wonderful hues of orange, pink, and violet. Capturing them with your digital SLR is a matter of setting up your camera and yourself properly. Don’t go out just before the [more…]

Photographing the Beach at Sunset Using Your Digital SLR

The hour before sunset is known as “Golden Hour,” and is a great time to position your digital SLR for some glorious sunset shots. Clouds are bathed in wonderful hues of orange, pink, and purple. Add a [more…]

Photographing the Night Sky Using Your Digital SLR

Although sunset photos are attention-getters, you and your digital SLR can get great shots of the night sky after the sun goes down. The trick is to find a great spot with next to no ambient light from [more…]

Camera Controls and Your Digital SLR

To master your digital SLR camera, you have to know it like the back of your hand. You must know what each control does and know where each control is in order to master a specific picture-taking situation [more…]

Manual Controls and Your Digital SLR

The job of your digital SLR camera is to accurately measure the scene and produce a picture that accurately reflects it. Your job as a photographer is to analyze the scene, analyze what the camera gives [more…]

How to Use the Histogram on Your Digital SLR Camera

Most digital SLRs have great metering systems, but even a great metering system can get it wrong when you’re shooting under difficult lighting conditions. That’s why your camera gives you the option to [more…]

Your Digital SLR and Light Sensitivity

Your digital SLR camera has an option to determine how sensitive the camera sensor is to light. Digital cameras are the same as film cameras in that light sensitivity is determined by ISO rating. The advantage [more…]

Photography’s Rules of Composition

To make the most of your digital SLR — or any camera — you'll need to take the time to compose interesting pictures. When you photograph a person, place, or thing, put some thought into how you arrange [more…]

How to Photograph Bodies of Water Using Your Digital SLR

Bodies of water are great subjects for photographers. With your digital SLR, you can photograph big bodies of water (oceans), small bodies of water (ponds and streams), and medium-sized bodies of water [more…]

Photographing Reflections Using Your Digital SLR

Calm water is the most common — and artistic — place to find reflections suitable for photographing with your digital SLR, but mirrors and windows present interesting opportunities as well to get wonderful [more…]

Photographing Nature Up-Close Using Your Digital SLR

Whether you want images of gorgeous flowers, interesting insects, or natural microcosms, your digital SLR can help you capture nature up close and personal. Whether you’re walking in a city park or hiking [more…]

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