Using Digital Camera Shooting Lenses

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Using a Telephoto Lens to Get Great Digital Photos

Telephoto lenses can create interesting and unique photos on your digital camera. To make the most of a telephoto lens, try these tempting applications when you take pictures with a telephoto lens or tele-zoom [more…]

How to Make a Pinhole Lens for Your Digital Camera

If you can attach lenses to your digital camera, you can make your camera into a pinhole camera. Just poke a pinhole (with an actual pin, if you want) in a cap that attaches to your camera when you don’t [more…]

Using a Wide-Angle Lens on Your Digital Camera

Wide-angle lenses for a digital camera offer some creative advantages if you use them properly. When you use a wide-angle lens, you have opportunities to let your inner digital-image artist out. To get [more…]

Using a Macro Lens on Your Digital Camera

A macro lens takes a close-up of a small object, which fills the frame of the photo. Your digital camera can use a macro lens (either with a camera mode or with an attachment lens) to take a macro photo [more…]

Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses have a few potential pitfalls. When you use a telephoto lens on your digital camera, be aware of the problems you may experience. To prevent problems when taking picture with a telephoto [more…]

Using Special Lenses with Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera might have come with a good lens — but you can get better lenses that let you get wide-angle or very close (telephoto) shots without buying a new camera. To attach these special lenses [more…]

Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Wide-Angle Lens

Don’t be lulled by the creative opportunities wide-angle lenses offer you and your digital camera. You can use a wide-angle lens to create some arresting photos, but wide-angle lenses can also cause some [more…]

Change Lenses on Your Digital Camera

If you have a digital SLR camera, you change lenses based on your artistic vision and the subject or scene you’re photographing. Changing lenses is simple: You push a button and twist the lens to remove [more…]

Lensbaby Photography Tips and Tricks

The Lensbaby is a tool that creative photographers use to capture images with a sweet spot of focus in one part of the image that gradually goes out of focus at the edge of the frame. The photographer [more…]

Set Up Your Camera for Lensbaby

Lensbaby does not make an auto-focus lens, which means your all-singing, all-dancing camera will be as blind as a bat. You’ll have to manually focus the lens to get an image that has a sharp sweet spot [more…]

How to Use the Lensbaby

When you look at the Lensbaby Composer for the first time, you may frown and wonder what it’s all about. Nothing on the lens is automatic. You have to set your shot. But after the initial fumbling, you [more…]

The Lensbaby Composer and Composer Pro

Digital images created with the Lensbaby have a dreamy, artistic look that can be used to good effect when photographing nature, especially flowers. Now Lensbaby offers a full product line complete with [more…]

Specialty Lenses for Photographing Nature

Specialty camera lenses give a different look to your nature photographs, and offer cool alternatives to traditional lenses. If you drew outside the lines as a kid, and still like to draw outside the lines [more…]

Choose the Right Lenses for Your Digital Camera

A camera lens is a round barrel with several pieces of glass inside. The glass guides the light to the sensor. The quality of the glass used in the lens and other factors determine the quality of the image [more…]

How to Choose Lenses for Wildlife Photography

These best camera lenses for wildlife photography are expensive, but if you intend to pursue wildlife photography, they are well worth the investment. The focal length you need to photograph wildlife depends [more…]

Choose a Macro Lens for Close-Up Photography

When you want to get close, really close to your photography subject, nothing beats a macro lens. Macro lenses come in a variety of focal lengths. Prime macro lenses have a range from 50mm to 200mm. The [more…]

Zoom Lenses on Point and Shoot Cameras

How and why do you get very close to your subjects for macro and close-up photography? How and why do you pull back from your subjects? Almost all point and shoot digital cameras are equipped with a lens [more…]

Know When to Zoom in and Move out

Zooming in with your point and shoot digital camera in close-up photography enables you to create more comfortable shooting situations, and produce various types of compositions. Although point and shoot [more…]

dSLR Camera Lens Types and Focal Lengths

You can swap lenses on your digital SLR camera. Choose from macros or zoom lenses. Experiment with specialty lenses, from Holga to tilt-shift and pinhole. Choose the right lens based on your photography [more…]

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