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Using the Camera Raw File Format for Your Digital Photos

The Camera Raw format, sometimes called simply Raw, was developed for photo purists who don’t want the camera to make any changes to the photo data. Camera Raw records data straight from the sensor, without [more…]

Using the JPEG File Format for Your Digital Photos

The JPEG file format is standard on every digital camera. And you can convert files to JPEG from other formats on your computer. JPEG is the leading camera format because it creates Web-friendly photos [more…]

Preparing a TIFF Copy of a Digital Image for Publication

You can create a TIFF copy of a digital image easily. For example, if you want to submit a digital photo to a print publication, you need a TIFF-format photo file. To create a TIFF copy of a file in a [more…]

Using the TIFF File Format for Your Digital Photos

TIFF, which stands for Tagged Image File Format, is designed for folks who don’t want to lose data, which happens with JPEG compression. Although TIFF files aren’t terribly versatile, you may want to use [more…]

When to Choose JPEG Files for Your Dog Photos

The JPEG file format is a compressed digital image file that’s usually on the smaller end of the size spectrum. After you snap a photo with your camera set to the JPEG file format, your camera’s software [more…]

When to Choose RAW Files for Your Dog Photos

When photographing dogs, you need to consider capturing images as RAW files. The RAW file format is an uncompressed digital file that’s usually much larger than JPEG in size. For example, a JPEG photo [more…]

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