Composing Digital Photographs

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Frame the Subject and Establish Balance when Photographing Dogs

A viewer has a lot of places to look within a photograph. When you want to put some extra power behind drawing your viewer to the dog you're photographing, you can use a technique called [more…]

How to Take Dog Photos with Furniture

Not everyone lets his furry friends share the sofa, overtake the ottoman, or divvy up the davenport. For those who do, you can learn how to incorporate Brownie’s favorite chair into a great photograph. [more…]

Dog Photos with Floors, Doors, and Common Areas Included

You may be surprised by how ordinary household areas can turn into stunning backdrops for your dog photos. Look around your house, office, or other indoor locales for things like [more…]

How to Capture Close-Ups in Digital Wedding Photography

Though a wedding has a lot of fast-paced movement for a photographer to capture, it also has quiet times that present golden opportunities for some really great photos. Some of the most iconic pictures [more…]

How to Crop Your Digital Images

If you know anything about composition, you know that you can often vastly improve images by doing some judicious trimming. At first glance, the figure appears to be a photo of a powerful jet fighter climbing [more…]

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