Composing Digital Photographs

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Using Professional Tricks to Create Interesting Pictures

Do you know how to take great pictures with your digital camera? Digital cameras are easy to use, but you still have to figure out what to take pictures of [more…]

Breaking Digital Photography Composition Rules

Although you can find all kinds of rules when composing a photograph, rules are made to be broken. When you take digital photos, you need to know these composition rules — but you don’t always have to [more…]

How to Compose Photos with Good Backgrounds

Any time you shoot a portrait or a photo with one subject, you’ll have some kind of background in the image. A photo’s background can be a plus or a minus, depending on how you use that background in your [more…]

How to Pose and Direct Your Photo Subjects

You, the digital photographer, sometimes have to arrange a photo. Maybe you need to direct where everyone stands or how those chairs are arranged. Don’t be afraid to play photo stylist, giving direction [more…]

How to Take a Great Portrait with Your Digital Camera

Portraits are posed photos that you take in a controlled environment. Creating portraits with your digital camera demands some special skills, but portrait techniques aren’t difficult to master. Take care [more…]

Using the Rule of Thirds in Your Digital Photos

Use the rule of thirds when framing a photograph with your digital camera. This rule divides the camera frame into three squares across by three squares down, and you position your photo subjects in relation [more…]

Composing a Digital Photo Using Geometric Forms and Patterns

Repeating geometric forms can give you the basis for an interesting digital photograph. You can add variety to your digital photography by including geometric forms and patterns in your photo’s subject [more…]

How to Frame Your Digital Photos

Framing, in photo-composition terms, means using elements of an image to form a sort of picture frame around important subjects. Frame your digital photos when you construct the shot. You can use framing [more…]

How to Take Publicity and PR Photographs with Your Digital Camera

You take publicity photos to make someone or something famous, and PR (public relations) photos to make someone or something likeable. You, as the photographer with digital camera at the ready, need to [more…]

How to Choose a Main Subject for Your Digital Image

When you’re taking pictures with your digital camera, compose your image with one subject in mind. That subject needs to draw the viewer’s eye. Ensure that your main subject is, in fact, the center of [more…]

Taking Digital Photos for News Publications

If you work for a news publication (or want to), your digital camera provides you the perfect tool to capture newsworthy images. When you’re at the scene of a news story in the making: [more…]

The Parallax Problem with Your Digital Camera’s Viewfinder

A parallax error occurs when you take a picture by looking through the viewfinder of your digital camera, and the picture doesn’t look like it did in the viewfinder. On many digital cameras, the viewfinder [more…]

Taking Close-Up Photographs with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D

You see close-up (or macro) photography used in many nature photographs and most product photography. Your Canon EOS Digital Rebel can take close-up photographs, and you don't necessarily need a fancy [more…]

Choosing Your Lens When You Compose a Photograph

Lens choice matters in photographic composition. The lens can either work in your favor or muck up the story you're trying to tell. You have several types of lenses to choose from, and each has its forte [more…]

Considering the Rules of Photographic Composition

The rules of composition in photography are more like guidelines than laws. You're ultimately in control of how your photographs are composed, but the following time-tested tips are worth considering when [more…]

Managing Depth of Field in Photographic Compositions

When composing photographic images, depth of field is one of the main considerations to remember. Depth of field refers to how much of your scene is in sharp focus. The shallower your depth of field, the [more…]

Changing Your Perspective to Find the Best Photographic Composition

When you compose a photograph, your perspective is based on your distance and angle to the subject as well as the distance and angle of the subject to the other compositional elements in the scene. A perspective [more…]

Digital Photography Composition For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you hear photographers discussing photographic composition, what they're referring to is simply the way you arrange your subject and supporting elements [more…]

Use Light to Compose Your Photograph

The possible brightness values in the scenes you photograph range from dark shadows to bright highlights. When you photograph a scene, pay attention to the direction from which the light is coming. [more…]

Create a Focal Point in Your Digital Photograph

Photography is an art form. Good photographers use rules of composition to create a compelling photograph people will want to look at. Here's how to visualize your image, arrange what’s in the frame, and [more…]

Use the Rule of Thirds in Photography

You can get precise and use the Rule of Thirds to position the center of interest in the frame. Great photographers have composed their images to draw viewers to the focal point since the beginning of [more…]

Use Selective Focus in Macro Photography

In close-up or macro photography, selective focus is used to draw a viewer’s attention to one specific area of an image. It is accomplished by using a shallow depth of field [more…]

Background and Perspective during Dog Photography

The dog you're photographing should always remain the star of the show. A big part of that is making sure your background is just that — the background. The background shouldn’t pull attention from the [more…]

Choose What to Leave in and What to Leave Out of Dog Photographs

You don’t always have to include all of the scene or subject in your image. Sometimes you can create a much more interesting image by leaving things out. When photographing your dog, cropping creatively [more…]

Follow the Rule of Thirds when Photographing Dogs

When lining up a shot, it’s practically instinct for beginning photographers to put the subject of their photo (in this case, the dog) right smack in the middle of their frame, but other options often [more…]

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