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Shooting Digital Photos with an Optical Zoom

Your digital camera may have an optical zoom, which is an actual, old-fashioned zoom lens (as opposed to a digital zoom). To use your digital camera’s optical zoom for close shots, take these picture-preparation [more…]

Preparing a TIFF Copy of a Digital Image for Publication

You can create a TIFF copy of a digital image easily. For example, if you want to submit a digital photo to a print publication, you need a TIFF-format photo file. To create a TIFF copy of a file in a [more…]

Your Digital Camera Resolution Options

Camera resolution refers to the number of pixels that a camera can capture, and the resolution for you depends on how you plan to use your pictures. Do you want a resolution that suits pictures on your [more…]

The Components of a Digital Camera’s Image Sensor

All digital cameras’ image sensors are made up of the same components. These components help determine how your camera’s sensor records light and therefore how your image appears. Each sensor includes [more…]

How to Use Your Digital Camera’s Semi-automatic Exposure Options

In addition to regular autoexposure mode, where your digital camera sets both aperture and shutter speed, your camera may offer aperture-priority autoexposure or shutter-priority autoexposure. These options [more…]

How to Avoid the Shakes in Your Digital Photos

If the photos you take while holding your digital camera in your hands streak the light because your hands shake, you can attempt to sharpen your photos. Because you probably can’t stop the shake in your [more…]

Using the Right Focal Length to Take Pictures with Your Digital Camera

Different digital camera lenses have different focal lengths. On a digital camera, focal length measures the distance between the lens and the image sensor [more…]

Using the TIFF File Format for Your Digital Photos

TIFF, which stands for Tagged Image File Format, is designed for folks who don’t want to lose data, which happens with JPEG compression. Although TIFF files aren’t terribly versatile, you may want to use [more…]

Using Your Digital Camera’s Digital Zoom

Some digital cameras put a new twist on zooming, providing a digital zoom rather than an optical zoom. With digital zoom, the camera enlarges the elements at the center of the frame to create the appearance [more…]

Testing Your Digital Handheld Pictures for the Shakes

When you hold your digital camera in your hands when you take photos, you can end up with blurred images because of a slight (or not-so-slight) shake in your hands. Test your handheld picture-taking skills [more…]

How to Choose a Main Subject for Your Digital Image

When you’re taking pictures with your digital camera, compose your image with one subject in mind. That subject needs to draw the viewer’s eye. Ensure that your main subject is, in fact, the center of [more…]

How to Change the Volume of Your Digital Camera’s Sound Effects

Digital cameras are big on sound effects. Some cameras play a little ditty when the camera is turned on, make a beeping sound to tell you about an adjustment, and emit a little shutter sound when you take [more…]

How to Change the Depth of Field in Photographs

One aspect of focus — depth of field — is controlled in part by the aperture setting. Depth of field refers to how much of an image is in sharp focus. The larger the depth of field, the greater the zone [more…]

Taking Digital Photos for News Publications

If you work for a news publication (or want to), your digital camera provides you the perfect tool to capture newsworthy images. When you’re at the scene of a news story in the making: [more…]

Understanding Noise in a Digital Photo

Digital camera sensors have varying degrees of sensitivity to light. The more sensitive the sensor, the better it can capture images in low light levels — but a sensitive sensor also produces noise. [more…]

How to Reduce Your Digital Camera’s Shot-to-Shot Delays

All digital cameras have a delay between shots during which you have to wait to take a new photo. This delay usually isn’t long because digital cameras typically can limit this delay with a good built-in [more…]

The Parallax Problem with Your Digital Camera’s Viewfinder

A parallax error occurs when you take a picture by looking through the viewfinder of your digital camera, and the picture doesn’t look like it did in the viewfinder. On many digital cameras, the viewfinder [more…]

Using or Disabling Your Digital Camera’s Instant Review Feature

Your digital camera may have an instant review feature. After you take a picture, your camera displays that picture automatically on the LCD screen for a few seconds, letting you immediately review how [more…]

Taking Close-Up Photographs with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D

You see close-up (or macro) photography used in many nature photographs and most product photography. Your Canon EOS Digital Rebel can take close-up photographs, and you don't necessarily need a fancy [more…]

Necessary Equipment for Shooting High Dynamic Range Digital Photography

Here is a list of the minimum equipment and software that you need to start shooting high dynamic range (HDR) digital photography and creating high dynamic range images: [more…]

High Dynamic Range Digital Photography Terminology

High dynamic range (HDR) digital photography throws around a lot of vocabulary, which can be pretty confusing at times. Here is a handy list of terms you can use to help you get over the hump: [more…]

A High Dynamic Range Digital Photography Workflow

High dynamic range (HDR) digital photography is a twofold process. You take pictures. You process pictures. Everything revolves around these two activities. Here is a general workflow of how to shoot and [more…]

High Dynamic Range Digital Photography Software Links

Many capable software applications can convert Raw photos, create and tone map high dynamic range (HDR) image, and edit photos. Download them and try them out! [more…]

High Dynamic Range Digital Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

High dynamic range (HDR) digital photography is an exciting new way to take and process photographs. First, shoot bracketed photos to capture as large an exposure range of the scene as possible. Second [more…]

Canon EOS 7D Camera Shooting Modes

The following list explains what each setting on the Canon EOS 7D’s Mode dial is used for. You can determine the best digital camera mode for your photographic subjects. [more…]

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