Understanding Digital Photography

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HDR Images Enhance Details

High dynamic range photography works well for large scenes, but it also enhances smaller subjects that have lots of detail. This HDR image shows the ceiling in the lobby of the historic Tower Bank in Fort [more…]

People as Subjects of HDR Photography

Most people think of landscapes and other photos of inanimate objects when they think of high dynamic range images, but HDR photography works just as well with people as your subject [more…]

HDR Images and Windows

What you see in person facing a window is often a well-balanced scene with a high dynamic range, something like the right side of this HDR image. (It is perhaps artistically embellished a smidgen, but [more…]

HDR Photography as Art

Some people shoot high dynamic range photographs just because they look cool, as art. These people aren’t constrained by a rigid set of rules or procedures: They’re artists. [more…]

Get Started with HDR Photography

There’s a lot to high dynamic range photography. One of the things that makes it most interesting is that it has elements that appeal to whatever side of your brain you use most, or both. If you’re a technically [more…]

How Does a Digital Camera Work?

A common misconception surrounds today’s digital cameras: Because these cameras don’t use film and because they produce pictures as data files, many folks think that digital cameras must use a radically [more…]

dSLR Firmware Upgrades — Is This Trip Really Necessary?

The dreaded firmware upgrade That’s the procedure where you, the intrepid camera owner, deigns to replace your beloved dSLR’s operating system (the Windows/Mac OS/Linux-equivalent software residing inside [more…]

Taking Photos of Sports in a Nutshell

Every sport has its own “hot spot” where you can count on seeing a lot of exciting action. Here are some tips for some of the most common sports: [more…]

9 Favorite Low-Cost Gadgets for dSLR Photography

Accessorizing your dSLR doesn't need to be expensive. Here are ten cool gadgets that cost less than $100 and can save your bacon in times of need. (And who doesn't appreciate a little bacon now and then [more…]

Why Order Photo Prints via the Web?

You can order and distribute prints right from your computer. Snapfish, Shutterfly, and other sites have web-based picture services that you can use to share and print your best efforts. Technically, you [more…]

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