Understanding Digital Photography

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The Benefits of Digital Images over Film

Using a digital camera offers many benefits that you simply don’t get with film. Digital cameras and the pictures they create have a lot of advantages in how you take the pictures, edit them, and share [more…]

The Advantages to Film Cameras over Digital Cameras

A couple of downside issues about digital photography exist. Digital photography’s negative aspects may or may not outweigh its benefits for you. To help you decide whether digital photography is right [more…]

Working with Digitally Captured Images

In the early days of digital cameras, downloading images was a complex process that involved connecting your camera to your computer with a special cable and then using a software program to download the [more…]

Portrait Photography Settings in a Nutshell

Portrait photography isn’t rocket science, but there is a definite methodology to taking great portraits. When in doubt, here are some settings that you can use for taking great portraits; just add a photogenic [more…]

Digital Photography After-Shoot Checklist

There are certain things you should do after every photo shoot, especially if you’ve changed any camera settings. Here’s a checklist you can keep in your camera bag: [more…]

Photoshop Elements Reference

Photoshop Elements can seem rather daunting the first few times you use it. If you’re a newbie to Elements, or you just like nearby reference material, print out this Cheat Sheet and park it by your computer [more…]

Digital Portrait Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Digital portrait photography is not rocket science. Capturing a person’s likeness and essence in the same photograph may sound like a daunting task, but it really isn’t if you practice often and use the [more…]

Choose a Perspective for Your Nature Photo

Many landscape and nature photographers take all their pictures from an upright position, but you’ll capture more interesting photographs if you choose a unique vantage point from which to photograph a [more…]

Develop Your Own Photography Style

When you use your digital camera often, the technology of the camera, including the settings and lenses, becomes second nature, and you can start working on developing a photography style of your own. [more…]

Convey a Mood in a Nature Photograph

You can convey a mood with every digital photograph you take. Perhaps your goal is to create pictures that express the beauty of the area in which you live. Your photographs can show a calm, peaceful feeling [more…]

Practice Makes Perfect in Digital Photography

Your camera does you absolutely no good if you keep it snug and secure in its case. The only way you gain your chops as a photographer is to take the advice of the Nike ads and “Just do it.” Take your [more…]

Practice Digital Photography by Going Light    

When you want to learn how to use a specific piece of camera gear, such as a new lens, or master a specific photography technique, try going commando. When you go commando, or travel light, you take just [more…]

Go on a Nature Photo Walkabout

The next time you feel the inspiration to go out and take some pictures, consider going on a photo walkabout. When you go on a photo walkabout, you park your vehicle in a central area and start walking [more…]

Practice Photography with Self-Assignments

Review your photography from time to time to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. As you learn new skills, your photography becomes better; when you think you’re perfect, you’ve reached a plateau [more…]

Take Great Nature Photographs

When you photograph a beautiful place, your goal should be for someone to say, “I wish I was there.” In a great nature photograph, your goal isn’t to send the image to someone and say, “I was here.” [more…]

Study the Work of the Masters of Photography

One of the best ways to learn digital photography is to look at photographs. Study the photographs of the acknowledged masters in your genre of photography. [more…]

Study the Work of Your Photographer Peers

You can get inspiration and ideas by studying the photography of your peers, in addition to studying the masters. There are lots of great websites that have photographs from photographers of varying skill [more…]

Learn Photography in an Online Community

Online communities are great places to learn photography and get feedback from other photographers. Join an active community like Flickr or SmugMug.

The photography bug is easy to catch. You take a couple [more…]

Digital Photography and Exposure

The first step to understanding digital photography is to understand exposure. The holy trinity — as some photographers refer to it — of exposure are shutter speed, aperture size, and the sensitivity of [more…]

Digital Photography and ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a setting on your digital camera that controls the sensitivity of your camera sensor. If you photograph on a bright sunny day, you have lots of light [more…]

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The digital single-lens reflex (dSLR) camera is the great step upward for photographers who want to expand their creative horizons. Whether you want to become a serious photo hobbyist or simply want to [more…]

What is HDR Photography?

High dynamic range photography is a twofold process. You take pictures; you process pictures. Everything revolves around or is a part of these two activities. Each pillar builds a different part of the [more…]

HDR Images Rescue Details from Shadows

One of the things high dynamic photography is meant to do is bring details out of shadowy areas. The photo in this figure looks west at sunset. The sky is reasonably light, and you can make out the clouds [more…]

HDR Images Tame Highlights

One strength of high dynamic range photography is the ability to tame highlights, which are often blown out in traditional photos — that is, the camera ran out of room to store brightness information. [more…]

HDR Photography for Interior Spaces

High dynamic range photography is perfectly suited for interior spaces — and the larger the better. This HDR image illustrates the sanctuary of a large church lit with overhead room chandeliers, a few [more…]

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