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Sharing Digital Photos as E-Mail Attachments

You can attach image files to an e-mail message and send that e-mail to share your pictures. Any e-mail program that supports attachments can send your photo files, so you can share your digital photos [more…]

Displaying Digital Photos on the Internet

You can post your digital photos on the Web — whether for business or personal use, on a Web site or as an e-mail attachment. To make your Web pictures efficient and effective on the Internet: [more…]

Posting Your Digital Pictures to an Online Photo-Sharing Site

You can share your photos on the Web by using the services of a photo-sharing site. These sites are usually free (or come as part of another service you pay for), so share your pictures with the World [more…]

How to Publish Your Digital Photos to Your Blog

Internet blogs are much more interesting when you add images to your blog posts. You can easily upload your digital photos to your blog site, sharing your photographic skill [more…]

How to E-Mail a Photo in Windows 7

E-mailing a photo in Windows 7 is a great way to share your photos with your friends and family. Most people today have access to a digital camera (even if only on their cell phones) and have started swapping [more…]

How to Add Windows Home Server Shared Folders to a Windows 7 Library

Windows Home Server is a wonderful tool for managing your files over a network. But where you'll really see the power of WHS is when you add the Windows Home Server shared folders to your Windows 7 libraries [more…]

How to Publish Photos to Flickr from Windows Live Photo Gallery

Microsoft has established a “special relationship” with Yahoo! and the Flickr Web site. One of the fortunate side effects of that relationship is that you can publish photos from the Windows Live Photo [more…]

Social Media Galleries and Dog Photography

These days, seemingly everyone is on a social media website, with Facebook leading the pack. Why not use your Facebook powers for good and upload those adorable puppy photos to share with the world? [more…]

Upload Dog Photography to Websites Directly from Workflow Application

After you purchase your domain name and hosting plan, you’re the official owner of an FTP (file transfer protocol) address where you can create a web gallery to share your dog photography. An FTP address [more…]

How to Consult with the Couple on Wedding Photography Proofs

If you’ve decided that your policy for wedding photography is to allow your couple to choose the images to go into the wedding album or to make any revisions to a predesigned album, the first step in the [more…]

How to Create an Album of the Wedding Photography

After the photographs for the wedding album have been chosen and have gone through a final edit, you’re ready to begin the actual album design. The process includes everything from choosing an album style [more…]

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