Digital Photo Printing Quality

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Setting Output Resolution to Print Big Pictures

To figure out the biggest size at which you can print your picture at a certain resolution, divide the number of pixels across by the resolution you want. The result gives you the largest print width you [more…]

Resolution and a Picture’s Appearance and Quality

Before you print a digital photo, you specify an output resolution, which determines the number of pixels per inch (ppi) in the printed picture. Output resolution, also called image resolution or simply [more…]

How Print Size Affects Image Quality

When you set the print size, you need to consider the quality you’ll get at that size. The larger you print an image, the less defined it becomes. So, the print size plays a big part in the quality of [more…]

Getting Good-Looking Prints of Your Digital Images on Your Printer

You probably want to make the prints of your digital images look flawless. If you want to make high-quality hard copies of your digital images, you need to get the best output from whatever printer you’re [more…]

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