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Using Camera Supports to Keep Your Digital Image Moving Steady

A tripod alone doesn’t help you take a steady picture if you need to move your digital camera quickly between photos. Moveable digital camera supports, such as dollies and shoulder stocks, can keep camera [more…]

Choose a Tripod for Your Digital SLR Camera

Do you need a tripod for your digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera? If you hold the camera steady and don’t shoot below a shutter speed that’s the reciprocal of the focal length you’re using, you’ll [more…]

Use a Tripod to Minimize Camera Shake

In macro and close-up photography, motion is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You may encounter subjects that move (such as busy bees), your camera may shake during the exposure due to various [more…]

The Right Tripod for Macro and Close-Up Photography

When photographing certain subjects close up and trying to achieve certain results, the tripod you use can determine whether you succeed or fail. Knowing what’s available on the market and the differences [more…]

Tripod Accessories for Macro and Close-Up Photography

In ordinary photographic situations tiny amounts of camera shake are unnoticeable, but in macro and close-up photography the effect of camera shake is amplified. Tripods and accessories help you overcome [more…]

Tripods for HDR Panorama Photography

Shooting HDR panoramas is a whole world with its own set of specialized gear and techniques, and one of the most important is the tripod. If you’re not shooting professionally, you don’t really need to [more…]

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