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Using Your Digital Camera’s Fill Flash to Light a Photo

When you set your digital camera to fill flash (also called forced flash), the flash always goes off, regardless of the amount of light in the scene. Fill-flash mode is especially helpful for outdoor shots [more…]

Reducing Red Eye in Your Digital Photos by Using the Flash

The so-called camera red-eye problem happens when the flash reflects in the subject’s eyes, giving them a red glint. Your digital camera’s red-eye reduction mode aims to thwart this phenomenon by firing [more…]

Using a Flash Attachment on Your Digital Camera

Virtually all digital cameras come with a built-in flash. But if you have a midrange or professional camera, you can also add external flashes, which better control how your flash lights your camera’s [more…]

Lighting Your Macro and Close-up Photography Subjects

Macro and close-up photography typically require you to be very close to your subjects. This can be problematic when it comes to light, as your camera's lens [more…]

Use a Flash in Digital Macro Photography

The battery-operated flash is an ideal artificial light source for macro and close-up photography because it’s lightweight, small, and lets you control how much light it emits. [more…]

Choose Affordable Lights for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Studio lights come in two varieties: hot lights, which are akin to really strong light bulbs and stay on continuously, and strobes, which use flash tubes to create powerful bursts of light. For dog photography [more…]

Position Lights Just Right for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Being in control of your light source’s direction means that you can get some drastically different looks by simply repositioning your lights during your dog photography sessions. The most basic lighting [more…]

How to Re-Create Good Lighting for Your Digital Photography

Yes, you can re-create good lighting if you know what you’re doing. And nothing can destroy a photo faster than bad lighting. You can make a lot of improvements to a challenging subject simply by using [more…]

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