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Extreme Macro Photography from Your Macro Lens

If you’re not super-serious about creating extreme macro photographs but you’d like to experiment with it, then increasing the abilities of your ordinary macro lens might be a good choice for you. Extension [more…]

Use a Flash in Digital Macro Photography

The battery-operated flash is an ideal artificial light source for macro and close-up photography because it’s lightweight, small, and lets you control how much light it emits. [more…]

Your Camera’s Sensor Size when Photographing Dogs

In order to make the most of your dog photography images, you should be aware of your digital SLR camera’s crop factor (sensor size). Although all digital SLRs have larger sensors than CDCs, not all digital [more…]

Choose the Right Memory Card for Dog Photography Sessions

No matter what type of camera you choose, it’s pretty useless without a memory card inside of it. A memory card is a small, portable storage device that slips into your camera and records the photos you [more…]

Lens Basics for Dog Photography

When you purchase a camera lens for your dog photography sessions, consider its focal length and speed (in addition to the crop). The focal length determines the field of view or amount of the scene you [more…]

Items to Have on Hand during Dog Photo Sessions

Besides all the doggie accouterments you'll need to have on hand, you also need to focus on your accessories to have during dog photography sessions. These aren’t requirements at all, but they may come [more…]

Lens Types to Consider for Dog Photography

If you shoot your dog photos with a digital SLR, a camera lens is an essential piece of the photography puzzle. Often, you can find digital SLR cameras sold as bundled packages that already include an [more…]

Choose Affordable Lights for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Studio lights come in two varieties: hot lights, which are akin to really strong light bulbs and stay on continuously, and strobes, which use flash tubes to create powerful bursts of light. For dog photography [more…]

Position Lights Just Right for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Being in control of your light source’s direction means that you can get some drastically different looks by simply repositioning your lights during your dog photography sessions. The most basic lighting [more…]

Tripods for HDR Panorama Photography

Shooting HDR panoramas is a whole world with its own set of specialized gear and techniques, and one of the most important is the tripod. If you’re not shooting professionally, you don’t really need to [more…]

dSLR Camera Lens Types and Focal Lengths

You can swap lenses on your digital SLR camera. Choose from macros or zoom lenses. Experiment with specialty lenses, from Holga to tilt-shift and pinhole. Choose the right lens based on your photography [more…]

Choose a Lens for Your Nikon D5200

One of the biggest differences between a digital point-and-shoot camera and a dSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera (such as the Nikon D5200) is the lens. With a dSLR, you can change lenses to suit [more…]

How to Attach and Remove Lenses on Your Nikon D5200

One of the biggest differences between a digital point-and-shoot camera and a dSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera (such as the Nikon D5200) is the lens. With a dSLR, you can change lenses to suit [more…]

How to Use Memory Cards with Your Nikon D5200

Instead of recording images on film, digital cameras store pictures on memory cards. Your D5200 uses a specific type of memory card — an SD card (for Secure Digital [more…]

Lens Options for Your Digital SLR

Zoom lenses aren't the only type of lenses available for your dSLR. You should know how they differ from the other options. Here are some of the alternatives to zoom lenses in general and standard zoom [more…]

Filter Systems for Your Digital SLR

Filters (sometimes called optical or physical filters) work by literally getting in the way. You stick filters on the front of or in your dSLR lens so that light from the outside world has to pass through [more…]

How to Use an External Light Meter on Your Digital SLR

An external light meter (most often simply referred to as a light meter) is a separate gizmo for your dSLR that measures the amount of light in a scene. That's all it does. It doesn't take pictures. More [more…]

Camera-to-Flash Connection Options for Your Digital SLR

There are several camera-to-flash connections you can make with your dSLR flash. There's the tried-and-true hot shoe method, but also several other wired and wireless options for you to consider. Each [more…]

External Flash Techniques for Your Digital SLR

An external flash (the flash unit that you can attach to your dSLR, not where you mount it) is useful and a lot of fun. Although built-in flashes are capable, an external flash: Offers more flexibility [more…]

How to Make Your Own Effects Filters

Believe it or not, filters were originally something you put on the front of your lens — not a plug-in mini-application in image editors, such as Photoshop. Certainly, software filters can duplicate many [more…]

How to Choose a Printer for Your Digital Prints

Digital SLR owners have only one special consideration when choosing a personal printer for their hard copy needs. As a serious photographer, you likely want really, really good prints to match the stunning [more…]

How to Re-Create Good Lighting for Your Digital Photography

Yes, you can re-create good lighting if you know what you’re doing. And nothing can destroy a photo faster than bad lighting. You can make a lot of improvements to a challenging subject simply by using [more…]

GoPro Cameras: Underwater Accessories

If you’re looking to record underwater seascapes or artful pool pictures, GoPro lets you capture these submerged scenes with relative ease and little worry. Still, recording underwater is challenging. [more…]

GoPro Cameras: How Wet Can It Get?

One of the main reasons to buy a GoPro is to be able to take it into the sloppiest of conditions with little worry. You didn’t have that choice with other camcorders. Taking a conventional camcorder through [more…]

GoPro Camera Mounts: Keep the Shot Steady

The ability to mount your GoPro almost anywhere makes it a pretty remarkable camera. But to capture all that action and those cool perspectives with little worry, you need to keep the camera steady. You [more…]

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