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Grip Equipment for Macro and Close-Up Photography

The equipment used to hold lights, support subjects, and to clamp props is referred to as grip. Grip goes hand in hand with your lighting equipment to provide ideal shooting conditions, and in macro and [more…]

Use a Tripod to Minimize Camera Shake

In macro and close-up photography, motion is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You may encounter subjects that move (such as busy bees), your camera may shake during the exposure due to various [more…]

The Right Tripod for Macro and Close-Up Photography

When photographing certain subjects close up and trying to achieve certain results, the tripod you use can determine whether you succeed or fail. Knowing what’s available on the market and the differences [more…]

Important Filters for Macro and Close-Up Photography

A lens filter is a piece of glass that you position in front of your lens and that serves many purposes to a macro and close-up photographer. A filter protects the surface of your lens, cuts down the appearance [more…]

Close-Up Lens Filters for Macro Photography

Close-up filters (referred to as close-up lenses) screw onto the filter threads of a lens and enable you to achieve focus at close distances to your subjects. They can provide ordinary lenses with macro [more…]

Compact Digital, Fixed Lens, and DSLR Cameras

Which camera should you use for macro and close-up photography? There are three general categories for digital cameras on the market, each designed to suit the needs of a different type of photographer [more…]

Attachments for Digital Point and Shoot Cameras

Find out what accessories, if any, are available for your digital point and shoot in order to improve the overall quality of your macro and close-up images. [more…]

Purchase or Make Your Own Macro Photography Gear

A lot of specific equipment is available to macro photographers and in some cases it may be best for you to go ahead and purchase it. Still, sometimes you’re better off finding an alternative product or [more…]

Tripod Accessories for Macro and Close-Up Photography

In ordinary photographic situations tiny amounts of camera shake are unnoticeable, but in macro and close-up photography the effect of camera shake is amplified. Tripods and accessories help you overcome [more…]

Lenses Designed for “Photomacrography”

Photomacrography refers to the art of photographing small subjects larger than life-size on your digital sensor. (But for the most part, people still use the term macro photography.) [more…]

Extreme Macro Photography from Your Macro Lens

If you’re not super-serious about creating extreme macro photographs but you’d like to experiment with it, then increasing the abilities of your ordinary macro lens might be a good choice for you. Extension [more…]

Use a Flash in Digital Macro Photography

The battery-operated flash is an ideal artificial light source for macro and close-up photography because it’s lightweight, small, and lets you control how much light it emits. [more…]

Compact Digital Camera (CDC) versus Digital SLR

When taking photos of dogs, you need to consider which type of camera you're going to use. The digital photography world has two main types of cameras: small, affordable, point-and-shoot type compact digital [more…]

Your Camera’s Sensor Size when Photographing Dogs

In order to make the most of your dog photography images, you should be aware of your digital SLR camera’s crop factor (sensor size). Although all digital SLRs have larger sensors than CDCs, not all digital [more…]

Choose the Right Memory Card for Dog Photography Sessions

No matter what type of camera you choose, it’s pretty useless without a memory card inside of it. A memory card is a small, portable storage device that slips into your camera and records the photos you [more…]

Lens Basics for Dog Photography

When you purchase a camera lens for your dog photography sessions, consider its focal length and speed (in addition to the crop). The focal length determines the field of view or amount of the scene you [more…]

Items to Have on Hand during Dog Photo Sessions

Besides all the doggie accouterments you'll need to have on hand, you also need to focus on your accessories to have during dog photography sessions. These aren’t requirements at all, but they may come [more…]

Lens Types to Consider for Dog Photography

If you shoot your dog photos with a digital SLR, a camera lens is an essential piece of the photography puzzle. Often, you can find digital SLR cameras sold as bundled packages that already include an [more…]

Choose Affordable Lights for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Studio lights come in two varieties: hot lights, which are akin to really strong light bulbs and stay on continuously, and strobes, which use flash tubes to create powerful bursts of light. For dog photography [more…]

Position Lights Just Right for Studio-Style Dog Portraits

Being in control of your light source’s direction means that you can get some drastically different looks by simply repositioning your lights during your dog photography sessions. The most basic lighting [more…]

Research Camera Gear for HDR Photography

Use every tool at your disposal to investigate the general types of photography gear you’re interested in for high dynamic range photography, and then zero in on specific makes and models. Keep in mind [more…]

Compare Camera Controls for HDR Photography

Choosing your camera is the best place to begin when you’re buying equipment for high dynamic range photography. Here are the camera control options and what they bring to the table. [more…]

Disadvantages of Compact Digital Cameras for HDR Photography

With compact digital cameras that feature manual modes and even auto bracketing, you’re set to get started with high dynamic range photography. However, you can’t take action shots or hand-held HDR because [more…]

Benefits of Compact Digital Cameras for HDR Photography

Compact digital cameras (sometimes called digital point-and-shoot cameras) are the cheapest entry into high dynamic range photography. You can buy one for about [more…]

High-End Compact and Super-Zoom Cameras for HDR Photography

Taking a step up from compact digital cameras in the budget range, you will find more expensive compact digital cameras for HDR photography, also called high-end compacts, super-zooms, and dSLR look-alikes [more…]

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