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Choose a Camera Bag for a Digital SLR

When you get your first digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, you probably won’t need a big camera bag, but it’s always good to think ahead. A camera bag is a place for your stuff. It protects the gear [more…]

Choose Lens Filters for Nature Photography

Lens filters are very useful in digital nature photography. You use them to create special effects and manipulate the light coming into your camera. When you want to use a filter, you screw it into the [more…]

Choose a Tripod for Your Digital SLR Camera

Do you need a tripod for your digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera? If you hold the camera steady and don’t shoot below a shutter speed that’s the reciprocal of the focal length you’re using, you’ll [more…]

Choose Accessories for Your Digital SLR Camera

You will eventually want to purchase accessories for your digital SLR camera. When you buy a digital SLR camera, you get a camera body, a battery, and a lens. That’s enough to get you by when you’re shooting [more…]

Clean Your Digital SLR Camera, Lens, and Sensor

Take care of your digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, and it will look like new even after years of use. Clean the camera body with a soft cloth. If the camera is ever exposed to salt spray, wet a [more…]

Buy a Cheaper Second Camera for Nature Photography

As a nature photographer, you might want to purchase a cheaper second camera. A good option is to buy a sophisticated point-and-shoot camera that has many of the same features as your digital SLR. You [more…]

Optional Digital SLR Camera Features for Nature Photography

You may already own a digital SLR camera. Or perhaps you’re in the market to get a digital SLR that’s well suited for nature photography. The following options are not necessary, but useful: [more…]

Digital SLR Camera Sensor Size for Nature Photography

If you’re in the market for a digital SLR camera that’s well suited for nature photography, you should consider a couple of issues related to your camera’s sensor: [more…]

Choose a Point-and-Shoot Camera to Photograph Nature

Point-and-shoot cameras can be used to photograph nature. The type of nature photography you intend to pursue will dictate the type of camera you purchase. Point-and-shoot cameras have smaller sensors [more…]

Digital Camera Megapixels and Sensor Size

Some people believe that the path to a good photograph is a camera that has a sensor that can capture a huge amount of megapixels. This is only partially true. Not all megapixels are created equal. If [more…]

Determine Your Digital Camera's Focal Length Multiplier

There’s one important thing to remember about focal lengths: They don’t act the same as they did on 35mm film cameras if you have a sensor that is smaller than a 35mm frame of film. If you have a camera [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Tele-Converters

Tele-converters can be a useful tool for macro photography to carry in your camera bag, but before making the purchase, examine the pros and cons associated with them and compare them to other pieces of [more…]

Increase Photo Magnification with Tele-Converters

A tele-converter is a secondary lens that you position between your lens and the camera body (just like the extension tube). A tele-converter receives the image created by your lens and provides a magnified [more…]

How Extension Tubes Work for Magnification

You have options for getting macro results with your ordinary lenses. Using an extension tube to turn an ordinary lens into a macro lens is one of those options. [more…]

Add a Reversing Ring to a Zoom Macro Lens

A reversed zoom lens gives you the option to choose from a variety of focal lengths at a close-up range. You can reverse a lens and fix it to your camera body with a reversing ring. This makes it possible [more…]

Work with Fixed Macro Lenses

A fixed macro lens has an unchanging focal length and enables you to focus when you’re close enough to your subjects to achieve a true 1:1 macro capture. Use this type of lens to achieve the highest quality [more…]

How to Choose a Macro Lens

When you’re considering which fixed macro lens is best for you, the first thing to contemplate is which focal length works for your shooting style.

When it comes to macro and close-up photography, the longer [more…]

Quality and Size of DSLR Camera Digital Sensors

Having the right lens for the job provides the image you’re looking for, but what you capture that image with is another story. The quality of your camera works together with the quality of your lens to [more…]

The Benefits of Using Extension Tubes for Macro Photography

One of the best ways to turn an ordinary camera lens into a macro or close-up lens is to use an extension tube — a piece of equipment fixed in place between the lens and the camera body in order to create [more…]

Choose the Right Macro Lens for Your Subject

A key component to consider when looking for the macro lens that best fits your close-up photography style is what subjects you will be photographing with the lens. If you generally shoot inanimate subjects [more…]

Compare Zoom Macro and Fixed Macro Lenses

Some photographers prefer a zoom lens (camera lens with a variable focal length) for close-up and macro photography because it enables them to cover a variety of focal lengths without having to change [more…]

How Focal Length Affects Your Composition

A scene basically is comprised of your photo subject and the environment that surrounds it, and when composing a photograph you have to consider how you want to fit your subject into that environment. [more…]

Make Zoom Macro Lenses Work for Close-Up Photography

A zoom lens with macro focusing technology doesn’t provide the close-up and macro results that professional or serious amateur macro photographers are looking for, and it’s not an ideal lens for photographers [more…]

Optical Quality in Macro Lenses

Not all macro lenses were created equal, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to get great quality. You simply have to know what to look for. [more…]

Understand a Macro Lens’s Features

A macro lens’s features are basically its main selling points. Photo companies like Canon and Nikon use these features to compete with each other and also to convince you to go with the more expensive [more…]

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