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How to Capture Action with Your Nikon D3300

A fast shutter speed on your Nikon D3300 is the key to capturing a blur-free shot of a moving subject, whether it’s a flower in the breeze, a spinning Ferris wheel, or, as in the case of this figure, a [more…]

How to Capture Scenic Vistas with Your Nikon D3300

Providing specific settings for landscape photography with your Nikon D3300 is tricky because there’s no single best approach to capturing a beautiful stretch of countryside, a city skyline, or another [more…]

How to Capture Dynamic Close-Ups with Your Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 offers you many ways to get dynamic close-ups, even without special lenses. If you choose to invest in a macro lens or a set of diopters, you can get even better results. For great close-up [more…]

Nikon D3300: Shoot Movies Using the Default Settings

Video enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that the Nikon D3300 enables you to tweak a variety of movie-recording settings. But if you’re not up to sorting through those options, just use the default settings [more…]

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