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Using a Macro Lens on Your Digital Camera

A macro lens takes a close-up of a small object, which fills the frame of the photo. Your digital camera can use a macro lens (either with a camera mode or with an attachment lens) to take a macro photo [more…]

Lensbaby Photography Tips and Tricks

The Lensbaby is a tool that creative photographers use to capture images with a sweet spot of focus in one part of the image that gradually goes out of focus at the edge of the frame. The photographer [more…]

Photograph Nature's Patterns

Landscape photographers tend to look at wide expanses of nature and photograph majestic vistas like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Valley. When focusing on these wonderful scenes, photographers miss some [more…]

How to Use Lensbaby Optics

The Lensbaby line includes a wide variety of optics. The Lensbaby Optic Swap system makes it possible for you to change the look and feel of your digital images by changing the optic. [more…]

Set Up Your Camera for Lensbaby

Lensbaby does not make an auto-focus lens, which means your all-singing, all-dancing camera will be as blind as a bat. You’ll have to manually focus the lens to get an image that has a sharp sweet spot [more…]

How to Use the Lensbaby

When you look at the Lensbaby Composer for the first time, you may frown and wonder what it’s all about. Nothing on the lens is automatic. You have to set your shot. But after the initial fumbling, you [more…]

Camera Settings for Detailed Nature Photography

Photograph details in nature like leaves, vines, flowers, and insects during the early morning or late afternoon. This gives you nice warm light that is flattering and more diffuse than harsh overhead [more…]

How to Photograph Wildflowers

The right equipment and camera settings can help you photograph wildflowers. In some areas, you find wildflowers everywhere: in the woods, by streams, and even in natural storm water ditches. You also [more…]

Macro Photography and Flowers

Photographing a single flower is an art unto itself. This is similar to portrait photography. If you live in a temperate climate, you can find flowers just about anywhere in the spring and summer months [more…]

The Lensbaby Composer and Composer Pro

Digital images created with the Lensbaby have a dreamy, artistic look that can be used to good effect when photographing nature, especially flowers. Now Lensbaby offers a full product line complete with [more…]

Purchase Lenses and Accessories for Macro and Close-Up Photography

Perhaps the actual level of magnification isn’t a priority when you’re composing digital photographs, but it’s still a good idea to understand what macro photography is and what separates it from close-up [more…]

Test Lenses and Review Photos on the Computer

Find out how close a specific lens enables you to get to a subject while still depicting it in sharp focus, and check out what the resulting image shows on your computer. Analyze your photos to determine [more…]

Uses for Macro and Close-Up Photography

By adding macro and close-up techniques to your repertoire of photographic skills, you can create compelling images in a variety of fields. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur looking [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Tele-Converters

Tele-converters can be a useful tool for macro photography to carry in your camera bag, but before making the purchase, examine the pros and cons associated with them and compare them to other pieces of [more…]

Increase Photo Magnification with Tele-Converters

A tele-converter is a secondary lens that you position between your lens and the camera body (just like the extension tube). A tele-converter receives the image created by your lens and provides a magnified [more…]

How Extension Tubes Work for Magnification

You have options for getting macro results with your ordinary lenses. Using an extension tube to turn an ordinary lens into a macro lens is one of those options. [more…]

Bellows: The Original Extension Tube

Bellows are an alternative to extension tubes used for macro and close-up photography. They’re based on a design from older large-format and field cameras, which used a mechanical system to extend and [more…]

Add a Reversing Ring to a Zoom Macro Lens

A reversed zoom lens gives you the option to choose from a variety of focal lengths at a close-up range. You can reverse a lens and fix it to your camera body with a reversing ring. This makes it possible [more…]

Work with Fixed Macro Lenses

A fixed macro lens has an unchanging focal length and enables you to focus when you’re close enough to your subjects to achieve a true 1:1 macro capture. Use this type of lens to achieve the highest quality [more…]

How to Choose a Macro Lens

When you’re considering which fixed macro lens is best for you, the first thing to contemplate is which focal length works for your shooting style.

When it comes to macro and close-up photography, the longer [more…]

Quality and Size of DSLR Camera Digital Sensors

Having the right lens for the job provides the image you’re looking for, but what you capture that image with is another story. The quality of your camera works together with the quality of your lens to [more…]

What Is Macro Photography?

The term macro photography has come to mean many things through time, such as very close-up images, life-size representations of subjects, or photography of magnified subjects. [more…]

The Right Tools for Macro Photography

You have numerous options for equipment to capture great macro and close-up photographs. You may already have a camera that takes great close-up photographs. [more…]

Why Use Macro and Close-Up Photography

Making life-size representations of your photography subjects referred to as macro photography. When used in the traditional fashion, ordinary lenses can’t produce an in-focus, life-size representation [more…]

Life-Size Representation in Macro Photography

Focal length, focusing distance, and final output determine how large a camera lens can depict a subject. Understanding these three elements of macro photography and how they affect your photography gives [more…]

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