Food Styling for Digital Photography

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Enhance Images with Non-Food Items in Food Photography

Sometimes real foods simply don’t translate correctly when captured in pixels or on film. Fortunately, you can use non-food items in your food styling and photography to make your food and drink images [more…]

Working with Produce in Food Photography

Fruits and veggies should appear as fresh as possible in your food photographs. But, you can run into some problems when styling and shooting produce images. Fortunately, there are some helpful solutions [more…]

Choosing the Right Camera for Food Photography

The heart and soul of a food styling and food photography business centers on the camera you use for your images. If you buy a new camera for this function, what specifications are important to you? Is [more…]

The Best Camera Lenses for Food Photography

With so many camera lenses out there, how do you find the best ones for food styling photography? You can think about photographing food as if you're taking its portrait. As such, you want to have a lens [more…]

Stabilizing Devices for Food Photography

Keeping your camera stable to avoid focus problems in low-light or low ISO situations is an ongoing challenge for a food stylist or food photographer. Some photographers avoid any type of stabilizing device [more…]

Lighting Equipment Needed for Food Photography

Unless you’ve made the decision to shoot food images solely in natural light, you’ll need to invest in some lighting equipment for food styling and photography. These lights can range from modest lights [more…]

Shooting RAW and Other File Formats for Food Photography

In food styling and food photography, you can choose between different camera file formats, including RAW, JPEG, and TIFF. The RAW camera file format is just what it sounds like: It’s raw, barely processed [more…]

Image Background Basics in Food Photography

A food stylist and food photographer's toolkit includes a collection of backgrounds, props, and tools you need to create beautiful settings to show off your food subjects. Backgrounds refers to two things [more…]

Using Sweeps for Seamless Backgrounds in Food Photography

In food styling and food photography, you can use a sweepwhen you want a clean background with no lines and little to no variation. A sweep is a 90 degree curve of plexiglass, cloth, paper, or plastic [more…]

Use Color in Food Styling and Food Photography

Using color in food photographs creates a setting that complements your food subject. Color can also affect how people feel about a food image. The feeling can be soft and comfortable, bold and powerful [more…]

Use Plates and Linens for Food Styling and Food Photography

A housewares library that includes items such as plates and linens for a food photography business can help you style your photographs. As you gather dishes, napkins, and other items, set aside some space [more…]

Use Utensils in Food Styling and Food Photography

Nice utensils can be a beautiful and realistic complement to your photos of food. If shooting images at a restaurant, generally you’ll use the utensils the restaurant provides. If you’re shooting in your [more…]

Use Paper Accents in Food Styling and Food Photography

Paper accents such as doilies and other decorations can present foods nicely for the camera in your food styling and food photos. These delicate papers can be the perfect little accent to an otherwise [more…]

Finding Foods for Stock Images in Food Photography

Part of the fun of food photography involves hunting for new places to find foods for stock images or blog photography. A gorgeous food photo starts with, well, gorgeous food. And you won’t find a better [more…]

Different Types of Venues for Food Photographers

As a food stylist and food photographer, you can shoot for a variety of venues such as stock, blogs, advertising, editorial, packaging, cookbooks, food product sites, and more. You can take many different [more…]

Shooting Stock Food Images for Fun and Profit

Shooting stock images is a great way to get your food styling photos out there and make a little extra money. A simple photo like the one shown in the following figure may earn you a tidy sum of money. [more…]

Working with a Team at a Food Photography Shoot

Although you’ll often shoot your images of food by yourself, on the occasions when you’re a part of a team at a photo shoot, it can be a wonderful experience. Whether you’re working with an art director [more…]

Creating Sets for a Photo Shoot of Food

If you're interested in food styling and food photography, you'll need to know how to create the sets on which to shoot the food images. The sets are essentially little worlds, consisting of backgrounds [more…]

Planning for an Off-Site Food Photography Shoot

When you’re planning for an off-site food photography shoot, it’s time to think like a scout. Take that “be prepared” motto to heart, and you’ll avoid many potential problems. Your two main preparation [more…]

What to Bring to an Off-Site Food Photography Shoot

A checklist is the only way to remember absolutely everything you'll need for a big off-site food photo shoot. When writing your checklist, try to consider every aspect of the upcoming shoot. The more [more…]

Transporting Gear for an Off-Site Food Photo Shoot

If you're not shooting your food photos in your own kitchen or studio, before you can begin styling food and shooting food photos, you have to pack up and transport your gear. Choose a camera bag to fit [more…]

Capturing Highlights and Drips in Your Food Photography

Highlights and drips are two areas where food photography differs a little from non-food photography. Traditional commercial photography tends to shy away from the harshness of specular highlights and [more…]

Use Decorative Accents in Food Styling and Food Photography

When the food alone isn’t creating the drama or intrigue you want in your food photography, using decorative accents — of color, shape, or texture — can give your images the extra impact you’re looking [more…]

Managing Reflections in Food Photography

Understanding reflections in food styling and food photography is the first step to managing them. Reflections affect an image in two distinct ways: unwanted reflections on your subject and producing extra [more…]

Exploring Image Textures in Food Photography

What can texture do for a food photo? A textured background can be an important element of the overall image in food photography. Texture can enhance the quality of the image, provide it with a feeling [more…]


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