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What is HDR Photography?

High dynamic range photography is a twofold process. You take pictures; you process pictures. Everything revolves around or is a part of these two activities. Each pillar builds a different part of the [more…]

HDR Images Rescue Details from Shadows

One of the things high dynamic photography is meant to do is bring details out of shadowy areas. The photo in this figure looks west at sunset. The sky is reasonably light, and you can make out the clouds [more…]

HDR Images Tame Highlights

One strength of high dynamic range photography is the ability to tame highlights, which are often blown out in traditional photos — that is, the camera ran out of room to store brightness information. [more…]

HDR Photography for Interior Spaces

High dynamic range photography is perfectly suited for interior spaces — and the larger the better. This HDR image illustrates the sanctuary of a large church lit with overhead room chandeliers, a few [more…]

HDR Images Enhance Details

High dynamic range photography works well for large scenes, but it also enhances smaller subjects that have lots of detail. This HDR image shows the ceiling in the lobby of the historic Tower Bank in Fort [more…]

People as Subjects of HDR Photography

Most people think of landscapes and other photos of inanimate objects when they think of high dynamic range images, but HDR photography works just as well with people as your subject [more…]

HDR Images and Windows

What you see in person facing a window is often a well-balanced scene with a high dynamic range, something like the right side of this HDR image. (It is perhaps artistically embellished a smidgen, but [more…]

HDR Photography as Art

Some people shoot high dynamic range photographs just because they look cool, as art. These people aren’t constrained by a rigid set of rules or procedures: They’re artists. [more…]

Get Started with HDR Photography

There’s a lot to high dynamic range photography. One of the things that makes it most interesting is that it has elements that appeal to whatever side of your brain you use most, or both. If you’re a technically [more…]

Research Camera Gear for HDR Photography

Use every tool at your disposal to investigate the general types of photography gear you’re interested in for high dynamic range photography, and then zero in on specific makes and models. Keep in mind [more…]

Compare Camera Controls for HDR Photography

Choosing your camera is the best place to begin when you’re buying equipment for high dynamic range photography. Here are the camera control options and what they bring to the table. [more…]

Disadvantages of Compact Digital Cameras for HDR Photography

With compact digital cameras that feature manual modes and even auto bracketing, you’re set to get started with high dynamic range photography. However, you can’t take action shots or hand-held HDR because [more…]

Benefits of Compact Digital Cameras for HDR Photography

Compact digital cameras (sometimes called digital point-and-shoot cameras) are the cheapest entry into high dynamic range photography. You can buy one for about [more…]

High-End Compact and Super-Zoom Cameras for HDR Photography

Taking a step up from compact digital cameras in the budget range, you will find more expensive compact digital cameras for HDR photography, also called high-end compacts, super-zooms, and dSLR look-alikes [more…]

Disadvantages of Super-Zoom Cameras for HDR Photography

There are a million-and-one camera and gear choices out there for high dynamic range photography. One category is that of high-end compact digital cameras, also called super-zoom cameras, or dSLR-like. [more…]

What to Look for in HDR Photography Software

The most important element of high dynamic range photography is, not surprisingly, the HDR software application. This is what you use to turn your bracketed photos [more…]

Use Third-Party Raw Software for HDR Photography

You can buy or download a plethora of third-party Raw editors and converters to help you make high dynamic range images. If you’re unhappy with your current software and want to try something new, get [more…]

HDR Photography Software Options

The following software applications specialize in high dynamic range images. Read the description of the software and its strengths and weaknesses, peruse screen shots of some of them in action, and check [more…]

Extra Software for Your HDR Photography Workflow

The software applications described here assist high dynamic range images either on the front or back end. Some, like Photoshop, can handle every task. Others, like Photoshop Elements, are only useful [more…]

HDR Photography: Exposure

Because high dynamic range photography involves getting around the limitations of dynamic range in modern digital photography, it stands to reason that exposure is a critical concept to understand. When [more…]

HDR Photography: Photographic Stops/EV

A photographic stop is a principle that allows you to compare changes in exposure, which is an important concept for understanding high dynamic range photography. One stop doubles or halves the amount [more…]

HDR Photography: Bracketing

Bracketing is taking two or more photographs with different exposures of the same scene at the same time. It's an important step in high dynamic photography. [more…]

HDR Photography: Metering

High dynamic range photography is generally compatible with multi-metering, which evaluates all the light sources in a scene. You may need to switch modes, however, to take into account very bright or [more…]

Use Your Camera’s Software for HDR Photography

Camera manufacturers receive mixed reviews on their Raw conversion and image editing software for generating high dynamic range images. Some people love what they see, and some people hate it. [more…]

Meter with Your Camera in HDR Photography

Using a preconceived bracketing strategy in high dynamic range (HDR) photography works well, but the downside is not knowing whether you’re really capturing the full dynamic range of the scene with the [more…]

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