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Macro Photography Tells the Story of a Product

Small product photography sometimes requires you to give more than a literal depiction. A good product shot can tell viewers how something is used, where it’s from, the feeling it’s meant to provide, and [more…]

Lighting for Small Product Photography

Light determines what viewers see and do not see in a small product photograph. In small-product photography, you generally want to provide detail throughout the subject so viewers have a clear view of [more…]

Deliver Message in Still-Life Photography with Technique

When creating personal, artistic photographs, you’re not confined to the purpose or function of a still-life subject. Instead, you’re granted full creative license to create images based on what you have [more…]

DIY: Create a Small Product Studio Set

Small product photography is often created in the studio and on a tabletop set. There are a few ways to go about constructing this type of set.

A roll of white, grey, black, or colored paper can provide [more…]

Photograph Tiny Things That Fly

An even greater macro photography challenge than small creatures and insects that move on the ground is working with those that fly. This type of macro and close-up photography requires the most patience [more…]

Find Macro and Close-Up Photo Subjects

After you discover your own ability to capture photographic detail in life’s smaller scenes, you may want to explore the possibilities of macro and close-up photography, creating beautiful images with [more…]

Close-Up Photographs of Small Creatures and Insects

By photographing small living creatures close up, you can create images that reveal fine details, which are generally overlooked or not visible with the naked eye. This kind of detail helps to provide [more…]

Capture the Beauty of Flowers with Macro Photography

It’s no secret that flowers make great close-up photographic subjects. The elements of design they contain are a gift to photographers, offering unique opportunities within each individual subject. No [more…]

Merge Macro Images to Improve Sharpness

Some photo-editing programs (like Photoshop version CS4 and later) enable you to capture multiple images of one subject, each with a separate point of focus, and merge the images to create one image with [more…]

Correct Flaws and Distractions in Close-Up Photographs

Many factors can cause visual distractions in a macro or close-up photograph. These tend to detract from the subject and can cause images to appear messy or unclear. [more…]

Fix Your Perspective on Macro Photographs in Postproduction

Sometimes to get the proper angle on a subject, you end up with the wrong perspective, resulting in distortion. This can mean lines that are supposed to be straight appear bent. Or elements that should [more…]

Close-Up Photography with a Digital Point and Shoot

When it comes to macro and close-up photography, a lot of information is available to photographers with DSLR equipment, while photographers who primarily use point and shoot or compact digital cameras [more…]

Close-Up Photographs of Water

Water makes for a very interesting macro photography subject, as it can be transparent, reflective, or both simultaneously. Water can reveal movement, or it can be motionless and frozen in time. [more…]

Emphasize Movement in Macro and Close-Up Photography

You normally want to avoid motion blur in macro and close-up photography, but when used creatively, it can provide interest and aesthetic quality to your images. [more…]

Pan for Motion Blur during Dog Photography Sessions

Panning is a technique that photographers use for some very unique-looking action shots, but panning dogs in motion takes a lot of practice. Even the most skilled photographers have to take lots of panned [more…]

Move in Close Versus Zoom from Afar for You Dog Photography

Instead of zooming in, set your camera lens to the widest focal length possible and move as close as you can to your dog. The wide-angle close-up creates a really cool image that makes viewers feel like [more…]

Capture the Details of Paws and Tails in Dog Photos

Each dog's unique features tell a lot of him. For example, what you want to convey about your pooch’s paws determines how you compose this detail shot, and a dog’s tail is such a huge part of him, even [more…]

Capture Unique Facial Features in Dog Photos

Dogs’ appearances vary as much as humans’ — well, even more so, seeing as how dogs are the most diverse species on the planet. Sometimes to capture the true personality of a pooch, you need to focus on [more…]

Capture Unique Personality Quirks in Dog Photos

Okay, so if your awesome furry friend has something weird, funny, or amazing about her looks, you definitely have to photograph it — and then post it on the Internet so she can become the next virtual [more…]

Embellish the Story with Pooch Paraphernalia in Dog Photography

Your dog’s world is full of dog things that help keep him healthy, safe, and happy, so why not turn those inanimate objects into elements in the story of his life? The objects may not seem like very dynamic [more…]

How to Configure Your Camera for HDR Photography

One of the most important elements of shooting high dynamic range photography is configuring your camera. You change the settings to optimize the outcome for HDR rather than a traditional digital photograph [more…]

Set Up Exposure Compensation for HDR Photography

Exposure compensation bracketing is a fantastic workaround for compact digital cameras when you want to take high dynamic range photos. It enables you to take a camera without manual controls or auto bracketing [more…]

HDR Photography: Prepare to Manually Bracket a Scene

Some digital cameras do not have Auto Exposure Bracketing, which is used for making high dynamic range images. Some, for example, the Sony Alpha 300 — a great entry-level dSLR that has auto bracketing [more…]

HDR Photography: How to Dial in Auto Bracketing

Auto exposure bracketing (AEB) is a fantastic time-saver for high dynamic range photography. You don’t have to fiddle with exposure controls in the middle of the shot, as with manual bracketing. All you [more…]

HDR Photography: Set Up Auto Exposure Bracketing

Some cameras require pre-configuring underlying AEB settings before using auto bracketing. A Nikon D200 is used here to illustrate the steps to set up auto exposure bracketing. That’s right — this step [more…]

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