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Enhance Outdoor Light for Macro Photography

The ability to enhance the daylight to suit your close-up and macro subjects is entirely dependent on having the right tools for the job. Learn about some of the specific tools and techniques that work [more…]

Equipment List for Photographing in Nature

The natural world is home to limitless macro and close-up photographic opportunities. Whether you wish to document new species in the rain forest, find interesting subjects to photograph right in your [more…]

Lens Accessories for Nature Macro Photography

Subjects in the natural world have varying tendencies, requiring various photographic approaches. The lens or filter that enables you to get the close-up shot for one subject may not be appropriate for [more…]

How to Photograph Insects Up Close

Insects are easier to photograph than other living things in that they’re less finicky and more willing to cooperate with the camera. The best way to learn tendencies of a certain type of subject is to [more…]

Close-Up Photographs of Ants

Ants are easy to find but not as easy to photograph as you might think. They’re almost always on the move, making it difficult to compose the frame of your choice or to position your point to focus exactly [more…]

Find and Photograph Animals in Nature

Nature provides many elements that are suitable for macro and close-up photography, such as insects and other small creatures, spider webs, and much more. Some of these elements may be readily available [more…]

Macro Photography for Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants are commonly used as subjects in macro and close-up photography, and rightfully so. In many cases flowers and plants depend on their attractiveness for reproduction. So it’s only natural [more…]

Find Local Plants and Animals for Macro Photography

Walking about and waiting for things to jump out at you is one method to capturing macro and close-up shots of natural subjects, but if you prefer to have more control over your destiny, then there are [more…]

Choose a Close-up Rather than a Typical Portrait

A close-up — a portrait in which your image is cropped in tight so that the subject takes up most or all of the frame — is a crafty tool in a photographer’s bag of tricks. However, people generally don’t [more…]

Prepare Your Subjects for Close-Ups

The close-up portrait can be nerve-racking for some people, and as a photographer you need to be respectful of an individual’s limits and concerns. Most people prefer not to have a camera positioned very [more…]

Consider Light’s Effect on Your Close-Up Subject

The direction of your light affects how subjects are depicted in a photograph. When shooting close-ups of people, be aware that the texture of their skin becomes very visible. For some subjects this may [more…]

Select Your Focal Point for Close-Up Portrait

In macro and close-up situations, depth of field generally becomes shallow, so it’s critical that your focal point is exactly where you want it to be. Getting your focal point right helps to get your message [more…]

Minimize Camera Shake in Close-Up Portraits

An unstable camera is not ideal for creating sharp macro and close-up photographs with the point of focus placed perfectly where you want it. But when photographing people, you may sometimes prefer to [more…]

Address Movement in Close-Up Portraits

The closer you get to a subject, the greater motion’s effect on the position of your focal point, and the sharpness of your images. The slightest movement by the camera or the subject at such a close range [more…]

Achieve Focus When Shooting a Close-Up Self-Portrait

Achieving a perfectly placed focal point can be difficult when creating a self-portrait. You have to deal with all of the factors discussed in this chapter, without being behind the camera. A certain amount [more…]

How To Take Close-Up Portraits of Your Pets

Pets are a great macro and close-up photographic subject, but their level of cooperation in posing for images can vary quite a lot. If your pet sits in one spot for long periods of time, or moves slowly [more…]

Define Your Message in Small Product Photography

Skill and knowledge in macro and close-up photography can come in handy when photographing a product or a still-life subject that’s pocketsize or smaller. Getting in close helps to bring out the details [more…]

Portray Your Close-Up Subject Accurately

There’s no sense in providing a close-up photograph of a product if viewers can’t understand what the product is in the photograph. In the most basic sense of product photography, your job is to provide [more…]

Get Accurate Colors in Close-Up Product Photography

Controlling the color in your close-up small product photographs is critical to creating realistic representations of your subjects. Begin by selecting the appropriate color balance based on the lighting [more…]

Nature Macro Photography in Early Morning

The light created at dawn is ideal for nature photography because of its soft quality and subtle directionality. This type of light seems to wrap around subjects, producing a three-dimensional look with [more…]

Close-Up Nature Photography at Dawn

Certain elements present only in the early morning help lend a sense of narrative to a close-up nature photograph that causes viewers to read into it.

One of the main giveaways that an image was photographed [more…]

Eliminate or Minimize Distractions in Small Product Photographs

If your main goal in creating an image is to provide a literal depiction of a small product to your viewers, then choose a background that contains little to no distractions. Products are often photographed [more…]

Photograph Jewelry in a Natural Environment

In some instances, you may want to add to the story of a piece of jewelry or other small product by incorporating an environment around it. This style of shooting helps to give viewers an idea of who would [more…]

Plain Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography

A plain background is ideal for photographing reflective and detailed products like jewelry. It minimizes distraction and maximizes the attention drawn to your subject. Plain backgrounds reveal finer details [more…]

How to Photograph Clear, Transparent Subjects

Because you can look right through a transparent subject like glass jewelry, simply trying to light it for a photograph won’t do much good. The way you light your background is more important to transparent [more…]

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