Digital Photography Techniques

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Using a Macro Lens on Your Digital Camera

A macro lens takes a close-up of a small object, which fills the frame of the photo. Your digital camera can use a macro lens (either with a camera mode or with an attachment lens) to take a macro photo [more…]

How to Turn Your Digital Photos into Artwork

If you want to make your digital photo look as though it’s the work of an artist, your image-editing program may offer artistic effects or filters. These art effects [more…]

Use Flash with Nature Photography

As a rule, you rely on natural lighting for nature photography. However, you can use on-camera flash or an auxiliary flash unit to augment natural lighting. [more…]

Compose Your Nature Photograph with Lines and Curves

Lines are a powerful element you can use when composing your digital nature photos. A line acts like an arrow, drawing your viewer to a specific part of your image. [more…]

Take a More Interesting Nature Photograph

Photography has many rules of composition: the Rule of Thirds, using light, using color, using natural frames, using shapes and patterns, using selective focus. However, sometimes you can break the rules [more…]

Augment Natural Light in Nature Photography

When at all possible, use natural light for your nature photos. However, sometimes you will have to diffuse or reflect light if Mother Nature throws up roadblocks like trees or other objects that block [more…]

When to Use Fill Flash in Nature Photography

The pop-up flash on your camera can be used to fill in shadows when you need to add just a bit of light when photographing a subject such as a flower. An auxiliary flash unit that goes in the camera hot [more…]

Photograph Nature in the Evening

The evening offers some prime opportunities for wonderful photographs of beautiful landscapes. As soon as the sun goes down, many photographers pack their bags and head home — and those who do miss out [more…]

Photograph Star Trails

At night you can photograph star trails. When you keep the shutter open for 10 minutes or longer, the rotation of the earth becomes apparent in your image, and the stars are rendered as long trails. The [more…]

Photograph Nature at Night

At night all color is gone. When you photograph nature at night, you and your camera see shades of gray — that is, unless you use long exposures of several minutes. When you do this, you start to see color [more…]

The Best Time of Day for Nature Photographs

Sunlight has definite properties depending upon the time of day you photograph. Morning sunlight is soft and is often the best time to photograph nature, imbuing objects with a soft golden glow. [more…]

Photograph Nature in Early Morning Light

Early morning is an exciting time to photograph. A landscape looks more lively and lush when photographed early in the morning. The soft light brings life to subtle details. [more…]

Photograph Nature in the Late Afternoon

Late afternoon sun is ideal for landscape photography. The quality of the light changes as the sun sinks lower in the sky. When photographing nature and you come upon a scene you like, take several pictures [more…]

How to Photograph Nature at High Noon

Bright afternoon sunlight is harsh for photographing nature. However, sometimes you’re forced to shoot in the middle of the day — such as when you’re visiting a place and have no control over the time [more…]

Shoot Nature Photographs on a Cloudy Day

When a thick blanket of clouds blocks the sun, this is flattering light for photographing landscapes and wildlife. The light is wonderfully diffuse and there are virtually no shadows. When the clouds start [more…]

Nature Photography in Fog or Mist

Fog is an interesting weather element to photograph, and to photograph in. Photographs taken in the fog convey a certain sense of mystery. What’s beyond the fog? [more…]

Tips for Rainy Day Photography

The light during bad weather is soft and diffused, great light for photographing nature. When you take a photograph, you create your composition with light. But bad weather can throw a curveball at your [more…]

How to Photograph in Bad Weather

Stormy weather can be a great time to photograph nature. Brooding clouds and beautiful landscapes are ingredients for compelling photographs that can convey emotion, as well as a story. [more…]

Lensbaby Photography Tips and Tricks

The Lensbaby is a tool that creative photographers use to capture images with a sweet spot of focus in one part of the image that gradually goes out of focus at the edge of the frame. The photographer [more…]

Photograph Nature's Patterns

Landscape photographers tend to look at wide expanses of nature and photograph majestic vistas like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Valley. When focusing on these wonderful scenes, photographers miss some [more…]

How to Use Lensbaby Optics

The Lensbaby line includes a wide variety of optics. The Lensbaby Optic Swap system makes it possible for you to change the look and feel of your digital images by changing the optic. [more…]

Set Up Your Camera for Lensbaby

Lensbaby does not make an auto-focus lens, which means your all-singing, all-dancing camera will be as blind as a bat. You’ll have to manually focus the lens to get an image that has a sharp sweet spot [more…]

How to Use the Lensbaby

When you look at the Lensbaby Composer for the first time, you may frown and wonder what it’s all about. Nothing on the lens is automatic. You have to set your shot. But after the initial fumbling, you [more…]

Camera Settings for Detailed Nature Photography

Photograph details in nature like leaves, vines, flowers, and insects during the early morning or late afternoon. This gives you nice warm light that is flattering and more diffuse than harsh overhead [more…]

How to Photograph Wildflowers

The right equipment and camera settings can help you photograph wildflowers. In some areas, you find wildflowers everywhere: in the woods, by streams, and even in natural storm water ditches. You also [more…]

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