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How to Modify Flash Zoom on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you use a Speedlite, there may be times when you need to modify your flash zoom. Your Canon EOS 6D detects the focal length of the lens you have on the camera and sends this information to the flash [more…]

How to Lock the Flash Exposure on Your Canon EOS 6D

A handy lighting option on your Canon EOS 6D is locking the flash exposure to a certain part of the frame. This option is handy when your main subject isn't in the center of the frame or you want to throw [more…]

How to Use Selective Focus on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you own a camera like the EOS 6D, you can create artistic photos with the selective focus technique. Make sure you add a large aperture lens with an f/stop value of 2.8 or smaller to your arsenal [more…]

How to Stabilize Your Canon EOS 6D When You Use Long Telephoto Lenses

When you shoot with a long telephoto lens on your EOS 6D, any operator movement is magnified. The simple act of pressing the shutter button, no matter how gently you do it, vibrates the camera. The vibration [more…]

How to Change the View on Your Canon EOS 6D

ImageBrowser EX is quite versatile. You have three different ways to view images on your EOS 6D. You can view images in Thumbnail mode, Preview mode, and Full Screen mode. The mode you choose depends on [more…]

How to Rotate Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

Many photographers rotate their Canon EOS 6D 90 degrees when taking a picture of an object that's taller than it is wide. When these images are displayed on the camera LCD monitor, you must rotate the [more…]

How to Use the Quick Control Screen on Your Canon EOS 6D

It is a good idea to know what all the dials and buttons on your Canon do, most notably the Quick Control Screen. However, at times in the heat of battle you need to make changes quickly, as when you want [more…]

How to Display a Grid in Live View Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

When shooting in Live View mode, you can display a grid on the Canon’s LCD monitor. This grid is useful when aligning objects that are supposed to be horizontal or vertical. You can also use the grid when [more…]

How to Enable Custom Functions on Your Canon EOS 6D

You can choose from six custom functions to modify exposure on your Canon EOS 6D. Other functions enable you to change exposure or ISO increments, but the default settings are usually fine. One useful [more…]

How to Switch from Automatic Point Selection to Single-Point Selection on the Rebel t5i

In Sports mode, the Rebel t5i bases focus on the center focus point. In the other fully automatic exposure modes (Scene Intelligent Auto, Portrait, Landscape, and so on) as well as in Creative Auto mode [more…]

9 Ways to Customize Your Canon Rebel t5i

There may be times you find a particular aspect of your Canon Rebel's design illogical or maybe a tad inconvenient. If so, here are some customization options that help you fix pesky little problems. [more…]

How to Create Your Very Own Camera Menu on the Rebel t5i

Canon does a good job of making it easy to change the most commonly used camera settings on your Rebel t5i. You can access many critical options by pressing the buttons on the camera body, and others require [more…]

How to Enable Mirror Lockup on the Rebel t5i

One component in the optical system of the Rebel t5i is a mirror that moves when you press the shutter button. The vibration caused by the mirror movement can result in image blur when you use a very slow [more…]

How to Add Cleaning Instructions to Images on the Rebel t5i

By default, your Canon Rebel t5i performs a sensor-cleaning routine every time you turn the camera on or off. This automated sensor cleaning normally is enough to keep the sensor dust-free. But if small [more…]

How to Add Photo Effects with Creative Filters on the Rebel t5i

Let’s try something entertaining on your Canon Rebel t5i. With the Creative Filters, you can add special effects to your pictures. For example, you can use this feature to create the three versions of [more…]

How to Present a Slide Show with the Rebel t5i

Through the Slide Show function on Playback Menu 2 on the Canon Rebel t5i, you can create a digital slide show featuring the best images and movies on your memory card. You can play the show on the camera [more…]

How Edit Movies on the Rebel t5i

Although not a substitute for computer-based video-editing software, the T5i/700D movie-edit feature makes it easy to remove unwanted frames from the beginning or end of a movie. Here are the steps for [more…]

How to Use the Touch Shutter on the Rebel t5i

When touchscreen operation is enabled on your Canon Rebel t5i, you can simply tap your subject on the monitor to tell the camera to set focus on that part of the frame and then snap the photograph immediately [more…]

How to Use the Quick Control Screen during Playback on the Rebel t5i

The Canon Rebel t5i makes the life of a photographer significantly easier with multiple time-saving options. During playback, you can access a handful of playback functions via the Quick Control screen [more…]

How to Jump through Images on the Rebel t5i

If the memory card in your Canon Rebel t5i contains scads of files, here’s a trick you’ll love: By using the Jump feature, you can rotate the Main dial to leapfrog through them rather than scrolling through [more…]

How to Turn Auto Bracketing On and Off on Your Rebel t5i

To make bracketing easy, your Rebel t5i offers automatic exposure bracketing (AEB). When you enable this feature, your only job is to press the shutter button to record the shots; the camera automatically [more…]

How to Lock the Flash Exposure on Your Rebel t5i

You might never notice it, but when you press the shutter button to take a picture with flash enabled, your Rebel t5i emits a brief preflash before the actual flash. This preflash is used to determine [more…]

How to Create a Custom White Balance Setting on the Rebel t5i

If none of the preset white balance options on your Rebel t5i produces the right amount of color correction, you can create your own, custom setting. To use this technique, you need a piece of card stock [more…]

How to Fine-Tune White Balance Settings on the Rebel t5i

You can tell the Canon Rebel t5i to shift all colors to make them a little more blue, amber, magenta, or green no matter what White Balance setting you use. To access this option, White Balance Correction [more…]

How to Check the Focus with Live View on the Rebel t5i

Here's a cool focusing feature on the Canon Rebel t5i, not available during viewfinder photography: Whether you're focusing manually or using autofocus, you can magnify the Live View display to ensure [more…]

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