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Ambience and Lighting Auto Settings on the Canon EOS 60D

Through the Shoot by Ambience and Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type options on your Canon 60D, you can customize Basic Zone modes to better match your artistic desires and the lighting at hand. Both “Shoot [more…]

Custom Live View Settings on a Canon EOS 60D

Live View, the camera feature with which you frame images via its LCD monitor rather than the viewfinder, is enabled in the menu system on the Canon 60D by default. That is, it’s ready to be turned on [more…]

Live Mode Autofocus Settings on a Canon EOS 60D

The Canon 60D’s Live mode autofocus is best suited for shooting static subjects, such as landscapes, portraits, or still lifes. If you’re shooting someone who is running all over the place, you’re going [more…]

Live Mode Face Detection Settings on a Canon EOS 60D

The Canon 60D’s Face Detection Live mode is best suited for taking portraits and casual shots of people and animals. The camera attempts to detect faces, automatically moves the AF point over faces, and [more…]

Live View Quick Mode Settings on a Canon EOS 60D

The Canon 60D’s Quick mode sounds great, and it certainly sounds quicker, but it has some quirks that you have to get used to. The monitor is blacked out when the camera is focusing. You can’t see what’s [more…]

How to Take a Shot in Live View Mode on a Canon EOS 60D

Shooting still photos in Live View mode involves a few options that differ from those you encounter for regular photography with the Canon 60D. After you set up Live View the way you want it to work, follow [more…]

How to Customize Live View Shooting Data on a Canon EOS 60D Display

When you first use Live View mode on your Canon EOS 60D, you see your subject and the focusing frame. You can press Info to add basic shooting information [more…]

Movie Mode Information Display Options on a Canon EOS 60D

After you set the Mode dial to Movie mode on your Canon 60D, the viewfinder turns off, and you see your scene on the monitor. The same focusing frame you get in Live View mode appears, and the bottom of [more…]

Movie Recording Basics on a Canon EOS 60D

The Canon 60D raises the bar again with its full high-definition (HD) movie recording. You don’t have quite as many recording options as with a real (dedicated) video camera but you can make outstanding [more…]

How to Disable Red Focus Points on a Canon 60D

Although it might not seem like a big deal, the red autofocus lights in the Canon EOS 60D’s viewfinder can sometimes be distracting, especially if four or five light up as you initiate autofocus [more…]

How to Replace the Focusing Screen on a Canon 60D

Modern digital SLRs like the Canon EOS 60D have sophisticated autofocusing systems that reduce the importance of having a focusing screen optimized for manual focusing. The result is that the focusing [more…]

How to Create Custom Picture Styles on a Canon 60D

New dSLRs continue to provide viable in-camera photo processing options. That’s right; you don’t always need to download the photo to your computer and slave over a photo editing application for hours [more…]

How to Shoot Your First Movie with a Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D is capable of recording HD-quality movies. It doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as a dedicated video camera, but it can shoot a good short film or two when necessary. When [more…]

How to Play Movies on a Canon EOS 60D

It’s possible to connect your Canon EOS 60D to a television set for big-screen movie playback, but you don’t have to. To view movies on the camera monitor, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Edit Movies on a Canon EOS 60D

The 60D Edit feature makes it delightfully easy to remove unwanted parts from the beginning or end of a movie right on your camera. This onboard editing is handy but basic, so don’t expect miracles. [more…]

Jump Feature for Viewing Images on a Canon EOS 60D

If your memory card contains scads of images, here’s a trick you’ll love: By using the Jump feature on the Canon EOS 60D, you can rotate the Main dial to leapfrog through pictures rather than press the [more…]

How to View Images in Playback on a Canon EOS 60D

One of the best things about digital photography is being able to view pictures right after you shoot them. And as the LCD monitors on cameras have gotten sharper and have higher resolutions, reviewing [more…]

How to Rotate Vertical Pictures on a Canon EOS 60D

When you take a picture, the Canon EOS 60D can record the image orientation: that is, whether you held the camera horizontally or on its side to shoot vertically. This bit of data is simply added into [more…]

Image Playback Zoom Options on a Canon EOS 60D

To more closely inspect a portion of a photo with your Canon EOS 60D, press the AF Point Selection button. This feature is especially handy for checking small details, such as whether anyone’s eyes are [more…]

Image Playback Quick Control Settings on a Canon EOS 60D

Digital photography is great because you can check out your photos immediately after shooting them. With a Canon EOS 60D, you can even edit some image properties. You can enter Quick Control during playback [more…]

Image Playback Histogram Display Mode on a Canon EOS 60D

The Histogram display is a variation of the Canon EOS 60D Image Playback Shooting Information display. You see the thumbnail view of your image, but this time some of the extensive shooting data is replaced [more…]

How to Process Raw Images in a Canon EOS 60D

For the quickest, most convenient Raw processing, you can do the job before you download images from your Canon EOS 60D by using the Raw Image Processing feature on Playback Menu 1 with no computer or [more…]

Advanced Exposure Mode Basics on a Canon EOS 60D

With your Canon EOS 60D in Creative Auto mode, you can affect picture brightness and depth of field to some extent by using the Exposure and Background sliders. However, you don’t have full control over [more…]

How to Choose an Exposure Metering Mode on a Canon EOS 60D

The metering mode determines which part of the frame the Canon EOS 60D analyzes to calculate the proper exposure. The EOS 60D offers four metering modes. However, you can access all four modes only in [more…]

How to Correct Photos with Exposure Compensation on a Canon EOS 60D

When you set your Canon EOS 60D to the P, Tv, or Av exposure modes, you can enjoy the benefits of autoexposure support but retain some control over the final exposure. If you think that the image the camera [more…]

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