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How to Add Author Name to Your Canon EOS 6D

You can add your name as the author of each image you capture with your Canon. The information is added as EXIF data to each picture you take. To register your author information with the camera: [more…]

How to Create and Register a Picture Style on Your Canon EOS 6D

If you like to use picture styles in your photography, you’ll be glad to know that your Canon lets you customize your favorite picture style. After customizing the picture style, you can register it as [more…]

How to Edit Movies on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you review movies on your Canon, they may need to be trimmed. You can cut footage from the beginning or end of a movie clip in the camera by following these steps: [more…]

How to Register Canon EOS 6D User Settings

Everybody has a preferred way of working. That’s why you have preferences in computer programs and why you can register user settings to the Canon’s Mode dial. The settings you register are available whenever [more…]

How to Restore Canon EOS 6D Default Settings

Sometimes you need to do some spring cleaning and wipe your Canon clean. If you have enabled more settings on your camera than you care to deal with, no longer use, or even know about, you can restore [more…]

How to Level Your Canon EOS 6D

The Canon’s electronic level enables you to take pictures with your camera level and plumb. This ensures that the camera isn't tilted right or left, or up or down. The end result is you get images that [more…]

How to Customize Your Canon EOS 6D

Many of the buttons on your Canon can be customized to perform different takes. For example, you can change the task that the Shutter button performs when you press it halfway. Nine buttons on the camera [more…]

How to Create Abstract Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you stretch the envelope, you can create some very cool, abstract images with your Canon. An interesting technique to use is controlled motion blur when photographing vertical objects such as tree [more…]

How to Create Multiple In-Camera Exposures on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your EOS 6D can create multiple exposures in camera and you don’t have to resort to any kind of chicanery to get the job done. Back in the days of film, photographers had to resort to trickery to expose [more…]

How to Create HDR Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

HDR images are all the rage and your Canon lets you join the fun. An HDR image combines multiple exposures of a scene with a wide dynamic range to create a single image that shows details in the shadow [more…]

How to Enable Wireless on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your EOS 6D has more cool features than there are Smiths in the New York phone book. Well almost. Your EOS 6D is a Wi-Fi device. When you enable Wi-Fi with your EOS 6D, you can connect to an existing Wi-Fi [more…]

How to Control Your Canon EOS 6D with Your Smartphone

If you’ve got a Smartphone, you can control your EOS 6D with it. Or you can use an iPod Touch (Fourth Generation or newer) to control your camera. You can download an app that Canon has created to control [more…]

How to Connect Your Canon EOS 6D to Your Smartphone

Would you like be able to take a picture by waving your hand? You’ll have to settle for a smartphone connection to your EOS 6D. But, it’s almost the same. After you have the Canon remote app downloaded [more…]

How to Enable GPS on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your EOS 6D is equipped with a GPS receiver. When it’s enabled, you can use this option to log the GPS coordinates of each place you photograph. The GPS coordinates are stored as metadata with each image [more…]

How to Change GPS Information on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your EOS 6D has all the bells and whistles, including options for internal GPS. When you enable GPS, the camera uses default settings to refresh the GPS signal. You can change the refresh rate and view [more…]

How to Map Your Day on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you use GPS on your Canon EOS 6D, you can enable an option that logs, or maps, the GPS coordinates of every place where you capture an image with your camera. You can download this information to [more…]

How to Adjust the Date and Time on Your Canon EOS 6D

Adjusting your EOS 6D to the current date and time is important because your camera records the date and time of every picture you take. Note that the time is based on a 24-hour military clock. To set [more…]

How to Modify the Auto Power Off Time on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your Canon powers off automatically after one minute of non-operation. You can specify a period of time from 1 minute to 30 minutes for auto power off, or you can disable the feature. However, your camera [more…]

How to Format an SD Card in Your Canon EOS 6D

After you download images from your EOS 6D to your computer and back them up, it’s a good idea to format your cards before using them again, even if you didn’t fill them. Doing this ensures you’ll have [more…]

How to Clean Your Canon EOS 6D Sensor

When you power off your Canon EOS 6D, the sensor is automatically cleaned. The camera accomplishes this by jiggling the sensor to dislodge any dust particles. This works well, but sometimes stubborn particles [more…]

How to Access Your Canon EOS 6D Camera Menu

In spite of all the buttons and knobs on your camera, some of your picture-taking tasks involve using your Canon’s camera menu. For example, when you format an SD card, you use the menu. You also use the [more…]

How to Shoot Pictures in SCN Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you shoot pictures in SCN mode on your EOS 6D, you choose an option from the Quick Control menu that matches the type of scene you are photographing. In SCN mode, the camera does its best to think [more…]

How to Trigger the Canon EOS 6D Shutter Remotely

You can trigger the Canon EOS 6D shutter remotely using the RC-6 remote controller, which is sold separately. You use the remote controllers in conjunction with the timer. This option is handy when you’re [more…]

How to Choose File Format, Image Size, and Quality on Your Canon EOS 6D

One of the first decisions you make regarding your images on your EOS 6D is the file format. You can capture JPEG or RAW images. When you choose the file format, you also specify the image size. If you [more…]

How to Create a Folder on Your Canon EOS 6D

By default, your Canon EOS 6D creates the 100Canon folder on your memory card where images are stored. You can, however, create as many folders as you want. A folder can hold a maximum of 9,999 images. [more…]

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