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How to Change the File Numbering System on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your Canon EOS 6D automatically names and numbers each image you take. The name isn’t all that descriptive, and the numbers are consecutive. Some photographers stay with the default numbering system because [more…]

How to Preview Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

The Canon EOS 6D gives you several options for previewing images. In addition to displaying information with your images, you can display multiple images on the monitor, zoom in to study the image in greater [more…]

How to Modify Image Review Time on Your Canon EOS 6D

You can modify the amount of time the image displays on the LCD monitor after your EOS 6D writes it to the memory card. You can set the preview time from 2 to 8 seconds or display the image until you turn [more…]

How to Change the Monitor Brightness on Your Canon EOS 6D

Camera LCD monitors have come a long way, baby. The monitor on your EOS 6D offers a brilliant display with lots of pixels; the better to see images with. However, at times the monitor isn't bright enough [more…]

How to Delete Multiple Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

You can mark multiple images for deletion on your Canon EOS 6D. This is similar to deleting a bunch of images in an image-editing program. Images should be reviewed on a computer in which case you have [more…]

How to Protect Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

If you decide to delete lots of your images with Canon’s erase options, you can protect any image to prevent accidental deletion. Note: This also protects the image in Canon’s image-editing software. This [more…]

How to View Images as a Slide Show on Your Canon EOS 6D

Another nifty option on your EOS 6D is the slide show option. If you’re the type of photographer who likes to dazzle yourself and your friends by viewing images you’ve just shot by putting them on the [more…]

How to View Your Canon EOS 6D Images on a TV Set

You have a Canon capable of capturing colorful images with an impressive resolution of 20.2 megapixels. Your television set is a grand device on which to display your images. You can display still images [more…]

How to Focus and Take Pictures with Live View on Your Canon EOS 6D

Live View is the bee’s knees when it comes to taking pictures with your EOS 6D. You have a much larger view of your subject and you can compose pictures holding the camera low to the ground — which beats [more…]

How to Use Programmed Auto Exposure Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you take pictures with the Programmed Auto Exposure mode, the EOS 6D determines the shutter speed and aperture that yields a properly exposed image for the lighting conditions. Even though this sounds [more…]

How to Use Aperture Priority Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

If you like to photograph landscapes, Aperture Priority mode is right up your alley. When you take pictures with the Canon’s Aperture Priority mode, you choose the desired f-stop and the camera supplies [more…]

How to Use Shutter Priority Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

When your goal is to accentuate an object's motion with your EOS 6D, choose Shutter Priority mode. When you take pictures in Shutter Priority mode, you choose the shutter speed and the camera supplies [more…]

How to Shoot Time Exposures on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your Canon EOS 6D also allows you to shoot what are referred to as time exposures. When you switch to Bulb mode, the shutter stays open as long as you press the shutter button. If you’ve ever seen night [more…]

How to Modify Camera Exposure on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your Canon EOS 6D has a built-in metering device that automatically determines the proper shutter speed and aperture for most scenarios. At times, modifying exposure is necessary to suit the current lighting [more…]

How to Lock Focus on Your Canon EOS 6D

Your EOS 6D offers you two ways to lock focus on an object that isn't in the center of the frame: the shutter button or the AF-On button. This option comes in handy when your center of interest isn't in [more…]

How to Enable Long Exposure Noise Reduction on Your Canon EOS 6D

Serious photographers who like to make the most of their EOS 6D will need to know how to enable Long Exposure Noise Reduction. If you shoot long time exposures at night in secluded places, you’ll capture [more…]

How to Enable ISO Speed Noise Reduction on Your Canon EOS 6D

Canon engineers know that using high ISO settings will increase image noise, so they have added a feature to your camera that applies noise reduction to all images and applies more noise reduction to images [more…]

How to Clear Custom Functions on Your Canon EOS 6D

The folks at Canon have allowed you to simplify your EOS 6D universe and create custom functions. However, there may come a time when you need to say goodbye to some or all of these custom creations. [more…]

How to Use the Auto Lighting Optimizer on Your Canon EOS 6D

If you capture your Canon EOS 6D images in JPEG mode, you can invoke the Auto Lighting Optimizer that gives you better-looking images when you’re shooting in dark conditions. Instead of getting a shot [more…]

How to Enable Lens Peripheral Illumination on Your Canon EOS 6D

Some Canon lenses have a problem with illumination falloff in the periphery of the frame. If you’ve ever taken a picture on your EOS 6D and noticed that the edges of the image were dark, you’ve experienced [more…]

How to Change the Autofocus Point on Your Canon EOS 6D

By default, your EOS 6D displays 11 autofocus points. The camera focuses on subjects that intersect autofocus points. The default number of autofocus points works fine for most picture-taking situations [more…]

How to Specify the Color Space on Your Canon EOS 6D

Several color spaces are used in photography and image-editing applications. The color space determines the range of colors you have on your EOS 6D. The default color space [more…]

How to Create a Custom White Balance on Your Canon EOS 6D

When you photograph a scene that's illuminated with several different light sources, your Canon may have difficulty figuring out how to set the white balance. And if the camera has a hard time, chances [more…]

How to Expand the ISO Range on Your Canon EOS 6D

You can extend the ISO range of your Canon EOS 6D to give you a range from ISO 50 to ISO 102400. The extended ISO range will definitely enable you to capture images in very dim lighting conditions, but [more…]

How to Use White Balance Compensation on Your Canon EOS 6D

If you find that images photographed with a custom white balance have a colorcast, you can apply compensation on your EOS 6D to remove that colorcast. This is pretty advanced stuff, so unless you know [more…]

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