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The Paleo Diet

Basic Guidelines for the Paleo Lifestyle

Your habits create your destiny, and that plays out profoundly in your physiology. Paleo can help you create healthy habits. Like it or not, the human body is designed to live a certain way, and the more [more…]

The Paleo Diet

How to Measure Proportions for the Paleo Diet

Portion distortion is common and should be monitored on a Paleo diet. Most people never realize how much they’re eating in a day. Until you get in the swing of things, make sure you pay attention to the [more…]

The Paleo Diet

What You Need to Know about Sugar to Live the Paleo Lifestyle

When you’re going through the first 30 days of the Paleo reset, you’re breaking food habits and cravings, especially cravings for sugary foods. The sugar demon will constantly tap you on the back, trying [more…]

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Pyramid

So the USDA food pyramid had major problems, and the new USDA MyPlate didn’t correct those problems. However, the Paleo food pyramid is built on simple, real foods that are close to their natural state [more…]

The Paleo Diet

How to Pack a Paleo-Smart Pantry

Time to replenish your pantry with foods that are going to get you results. See, Paleo isn’t so boring! With these pantry foods in your arsenal, you can get really creative: [more…]