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Your BlackBerry PlayBook provides a quick app that gives you the current weather conditions as well as forecasts, satellite maps, historical data, and the other information some find essential. The app, supplied with the tablet, is helpfully called Weather.

When you tap it (a WiFi or other connection to the Internet is required), you arrive at a site maintained by The first time you visit, you’re asked to enter your home city’s Zip code; on later visits you can ask for a report on out-of-town locations.

Today’s report — note the chilly air in mid-May on the island; summer beach days usually arrive closer to the Fourth of July — is shown.


When severe weather is in the offing, it’s worthwhile to visit AccuWeather and look at the weather maps; one of the most useful puts radar imagery on top of a satellite picture. Zoom in to your region to see storms, color-coded by severity. Click Play to put the images into motion so you can see the direction the storms are headed.

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